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CRGIS: Mapping History for the Future.

Explore a NASA Center by clicking the location on the map or from the list of centers (left). Alternatively, you can search on keywords such as 'Full Scale Tunnel'.

AmesDrydenJPLWhite SandsJohnsonMichoudStennisMarshallKennedyLangleyWallopsGoddardGlennMap of the United States showing point features and labels of each NASA Center.  Clicking on a NASA Center on the map links to that Center's respective page as accessed from the left sidebar.

Expert historical knowledge is essential for an understanding of NASA’s accomplishments, and is vital for lessons learned and informed and effective decision making. Our approach to archival management is to maintain and provide access to the Historical Reference Collection in order to fulfill the mandate of the National Aeronautics and Space Act calling for the widest possible dissemination of information on aeronautics and astronautics.

The NASA Langley Cultural Resources and Archives welcomes personal and educational use of its collections unless otherwise noted. Please cite NASA Langley Research Center as the source of the content, and when possible, link to the website ( Please let us know how you are using our collections for your projects. If you would like to see a collection in person, please note that access is by appointment only. Researchers should complete the Research Request Form and submit to Mary Hurst at least one week prior to the visit.

We are currently in the process of scanning documents. Every effort is being made to make all of these documents available to the public. If you have difficulty viewing or downloading any item, please contact Mary Hurst.

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