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[top] Heavy Logistics Transport EBE

[top] Helicopter Tests

[top] High Speed Fan Setup

[top] HL-10

October 15, 1964: HL-10 Lifting Body

[top] HNS-1

1944 Sikorsky HNS-1

[top] Hot Gas Ingestion

July 1966

[top] HSR Planform Study

[top] HyperSonic Boost Glide Airplane

The hypersonic Boost Glide model was tested in 1957. The following photos are from tests at Full Scale Tunnel and outside.

Investigation of Low-Subsonic Flight Characteristic of a Model of a Hypersonic Boost-Glide Configuration Having a 78 Degree Delta Wing. John W. Paulson and Robert E. Shanks. 1961. TN D-894.

[top] Ice Formation Tests

[top] Injection Nozzles

[top] Jet Augmented Flap

[top] Jet Engine Tests

[top] Jet Flap Model

[top] Jet Rake Test

[top] Laminar Flow


[top] Landing Gear

1944 August - September: XF8F-1 Landing Gear

[top] Lockheed Models

[top] Low-Wing General Model

[top] L-5

February 11, 1947:Modified Stinson L-5

[top] LTV YA-7F

[top] Lunar Landing

[top] M-2

[top] M-4

[top] Mercury Capsule

[top] Model 142

[top] Muffler Test

[top] Nacelle and Wing Test

December 15, 1931: Nacelle and wing test for the US Navy

[top] NASA-Industry Reference H High Speed Civil Transport


[top] North American X-15 Drop

A 1/7th-scale model of the North American X-15 was tested in the Full Scale Tunnel and dropped from a helicopter at the West Point, Virginia municipal airport. These photos date from April 18, 1957. Later drop tests in 1959-1960 were from the Sikorsky HRS-1 helicopter (H19D Chickasaw) NASA 211 with Robert Champine piloting.

[top] O2U-1

September 23, 1931: O2U-1 with Esnault Pelterie Controls

[top] OV-10 Model

[top] P-26A

May 29, 1934: Boeing P-26A

[top] P-51B

September 23, 1943: P-51B Mustang

[top] Parachuting

[top] Paraglider and Parawing

Parawing on XB-70 Bomber

November 4, 1963 Paraglider Flight Model

[top] PBM-3 Tests

[top] Peregrine

September 1984 Static Tests

1987 Semi-Span Test

[top] Phillips Reentry Model

[top] Pitch Forced Oscillation

December 1990

[top] Pneumatic Forebody Controls

[top] Pre WWII Aircraft (Other)

[top] Post WWII Aircraft (Other)

[top] Power-on Test of F-18 Modified with HARV Thrust Vectoring Control System

[top] Propeller Test Pylon

[top] Propeller Test Tower

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