643 Test 414 - Cessna 327 (McLemore)

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Per retired researcher Joe Chambers,

The airplane in the tunnel was indeed a Cessna 237 pusher-prop configuration. The test program was to determine the potential benefits of using a shroud ring around the propeller for noise reduction. The test section of the tunnel had been treated with sound-absorbent sheeted aluminum for the test. The test engineer was Clyde McLemore. Additional photos of the airplane are posted at: Test 359 of Full-Scale Tunnel. The Cessna airplane designation was Cessna 327-the baby of the model 337 Skymaster. As far as I know, the "Baby" was returned to Cessna after the test program in the Langley Full-Scale Tunnel.

Aeroacoustic Wind-Tunnel Tests of a Light Twin-Boom General-Aviation Airplane with Free- or Shrouded-Pusher Propellers. H. Clyde McLemore and Robert J. Pegg. 1974. TM 80203.

Another photo

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