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Facility 1153

Center: Langley Research Center
Location: Hampton, Virginia
Year Built: 1941
Historic Eligibility: Eligible for National Register
Important Tests:

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[top] History

Today Building 1153 is a training classroom. But as with many of our facilities, this building has served many diverse purposes. In the 1990s it housed part of the Langley Public Affairs Office. Prior to that, it functioned as the Mechanical Maintenance Shop and a Metal Finishing Shop.

Construction of the facility, originally designed as the Central Heating Plant, was approved in 1939 under the Second Deficiency Appropriation Act. Construction was not completed until 1941. The original building was merely 51' x 36'. The original floor plan is included in the 1942 description. Modifications in 1966 created a Metal Finishing Shop.

The building underwent major changes in the late 1970s. The interior, along with windows and doors, was gutted as evidenced by a 1978 photo. The newly refurbished building housed Administrative Offices. The building has continued to reflect an office environment to the present time.

A large addition planned in 1982 almost doubled the size of the facility, then known as the Professional Services Building Annex. The Office of Educational Programs had been housed in temporary trailers. The addition provided a permanent location for their functions which included managing 12,000 pieces of mail annually, a Spacemobile which traveled over a 5 state area, and Aeronauticsmobile which traveled nationwide, a film library, and a teacher's resource facility.

The building was demolished in 2011.

[top] Photos

1941 Plat Map1942 Location (#7)194519481948194819481949 Map - #15195219842011 Location2003 Exterior2009 South Elevation2009 West Elevation2009 NW Elevation2009 SE Elevation1st Floor Front Room1st Floor Rear Room2nd Floor Rear Room2010 Detail2010 SW Elevation2011 Floor Plan2011-09-082011-09-08

[top] Documents

1942 Description and Floor Plan

1965 Real Property Record

1978 Floor Plan

1982 Addition

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