Aircraft Noise Reduction Facility

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Facility 1208
Aircraft Noise Reduction

Center: Langley Research Center
Location: Hampton, Virginia
Year Built: 1972
Historic Eligibility: National Register Eligible
Important Tests:

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[top] History

Completed in 1974, this laboratory was NASA's major research facility for studies to understand, predict and reduce aircraft noise. Separate areas within the facility house investigations in acoustic properties of materials used in aircraft, and study the effect of both isolation and reverberation of noise. Still other areas simulate aircraft noises outside and inside buildings for evaluation by human subjects. Developments made in this facility find their way into future aircraft and air terminals.

The first two pictures below, and the first two documents, pre-date the Noise Reduction Facility. These photos are a reminder to readers that Langley was in the Noise Reduction business many years before Building 1208 was constructed. Muffler development testing was part of a center-wide flight investigation including muffler development testing in the Full-Scale Tunnel. The effort Is discussed in detail at the Full Scale Tunnel Site as well as in the first two documents for 1208.

[top] Photos

1970 Artist's Rendition1972-11-06 Construction Site1974-06-041975-09-051981-10-212000 Honeycomb Composite Fuselage Sidewall2000 Honeycomb Composite Fuselage Sidewall2001 Open House Test Room20022007Building 1208Stinson L-5

[top] Films

Listening Tests of the Modified De Havilland "Otter" Airplane

1947 Quiet Airplane Flight Tests

2013 Boom Room Tests Supersonic Noise

[top] Documents

Quiet Airplane Demonstrated. 1947

Report on Noise Measurements of the Modified Stinson L-5 Airplane. 1948

Report on Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Mufflers. 1952

Theoretical and Measured Attenuation of Mufflers at Room Temperature. 1953

Senator Promises NASA Support; NASA-Langley Noise Lab Dedicated. 1974

Groundbreaking for the Systems Engineering Building and Dedication of the Aircraft Noise Reduction Laboratory. 1974

Noise Lab, Systems Building Dedicated. 1974

Theory of Noise Generation From Moving Bodies with an Application to Helicopter Rotors]. F. Farassat. 1975. TR R-451.

Facility Resume. 1990

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