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Facility 1220
Information & Electromagnetic Research Facility

Center: Langley Research Center
Location: Hampton, Virginia
Year Built: 1945
Historic Eligibility: National Register Eligible
Important Tests: Jet Shoes, DC-9 Work-Load Simulator

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[top] History

One of the earlier buildings in the west area was the Aircraft Loads Calibration Laboratory. Begun in 1944, the structure was completed in 1945 and served as a hangar. In the mid and late 1950s, modifications were made to test aircraft landing gear.

Across NASA, the 1960s saw a flurry of activities related to space exploration. Building 1220 was the center of several research activities and saw additional modifications. The landing gear equipment was removed and flight simulation equipment fabricated and installed. Additions during this decade included the lunar orbit and letdown approach simulator (LOLA), visual docking simulator, virtual image rendezvous simulator, and a fixed-base supersonic transport simulator. The facility resumes for 1964 and 1966 provide brief descriptions of the simulators. A brief description of the history of the facility to include the water immersion simulator and Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) Research is shown in this Building 1220 History Slideshow

Changes to NASA's mission in the late 1970s meant a change in activities in building 1220 and a name change to the Avionics Integrations Research Laboratory. AIRLAB was designed and instrumented to simulate the entire avionics system excluding only the airframe and passenger conveniences. The simulation provided an safe environment to assess new technologies and encouraged the rapid development of high risk but potentially high benefit technology for future aircraft design. In the early 1980s, these simulators were removed.

Mention is made of the construction of water immersion simulation facility in 1970. The technology has been evaluated in 1967 but no supporting documents were found. This test apparatus was removed in 1972.

[top] Photos

See Jet Shoes

1220Description.jpg1220PhotoCard.jpg1945 Aerial1946 Banquet1947 Aerial1948 Conference1948194819481949 Map #7 Aircraft Loads Calibration Laboratory1949 B-45 & Martin 2021949 B-45 & Martin 2021949 B-45 & Martin 2021949 B-45 & Martin 2021949 Martin 2021952 Aerial19521952196819752005 New Automatic Door2005  Watch Video

[top] Film Clips

See Jet Shoes

[top] Interviews

See Jet Shoes

Fabrication of Lunar Surface Simulator Model

[top] Documents

1964 Floor Plan with Simulator Descriptions

1966 Spady and Read: Concept of a Backpack Carrier for Use by Lunar Explorers

1966 Facility Resume (with simulator diagrams and descriptions)

1968 Garner, Lounsberry, and Burdette: Development of a Low Friction, Air Pad Supported Test Vehicle Suitable for Operation on Irregular Surfaces

1970 Riley, Spady, and Stewart: Some Simulation Measurements of Minimum Control Inputs on a Foot-Controlled Maneuvering Unit for Extravehicular Activity

1974 Visual Task Zero-Gravity Simulator

1974 Dynamic Air-Bearing Zero-Gravity Simulator

1974 Aircraft Digital Control Simulator

1974 Fixed-Base Transport Simulator

1974 Landing Terrain Scene Generator (LTSG)

1990 Facility Resume

See also Jet Shoes

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