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[top] Hawk Missile

[top] Heat Transfer

[top] High Poristy Parachutes and Cone

[top] HL-10

[top] HRE Engines

[top] HSR Controls Model in Unitary

UPWT Tests 1812 & 1813
See also Test_480:_HSR_1.675%_Ref_H
Tested supersonic Mach numbers

General Comments on the HSR Controls Model and Test Matrix

[top] Hughes Model 50

[top] Hycat

from retired researcher Noel Talcott in email dated 2-8-2016:

See also under another name: Parasol Wing

The HYCAT model was designed, but never tested due to an issue with the balance and sting combination. It was designed so that the wings on the top of the fuselage would be able to take advantage of a favorable interference flow field. It was a cool looking model, but because of that, some though that it was too cool, so I think it has spent most of its life in the box. It really is a great example of what our fabrication shop could produce. I don’t know if there is any information anywhere on the model.

1981 Hycat #91981 Hycat #91981-08-14 Hycat Airplane Spinning Tests1981-08-14 Hycat Airplane Spinning Tests1981-08-14 Hycat Airplane Spinning Tests

[top] Hypersonic Airbreathing

[top] Hypersonic Cruiser

[top] Hypersonic Inlet

[top] Hypersonic Missile

The hypersonic missile model was tested from March 1957 through February 1958 and again in November 1967.

[top] Hypersonic-other models

[top] Hyride / Hi-Ride

The Hi-Ride (sometimes Hyride) was tested at low and high mach numbers in 1958.

[top] ICBM Model (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile)

[top] Inflatable Decubators

[top] LASRM

LASRM model tested from August 1965 to January 1966.

[top] Launch Vehicles

[top] Leading Edge Shapes

[top] LFAX

[top] Lockheed Models

[top] #10 Model

April 1965

[top] SCAT


[top] Scat Air Flow

[top] Supersonic Transport Models

[top] Lockheed Wings

[top] LTV

LTV Inlet Tested in January and June, 1969

[top] Lunar

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