643 Construction and Rehab

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[top] Original Construction

[top] 1945 New Roof

June 9, 1945

[top] 1949 Ground Board

April 29, 1949

[top] 1950 Relocation of Electrical Duct

May 8, 1950

[top] 1950 Replacing Primary Feeders and Main Drive Circuit

October-November 1950

[top] 1975-1976 Rehab

[top] 1976 Repair and Cleaning Main Drive Motor

1976-09-01 Repair of East Motor on Full-Scale Tunnel
1976-09-24 Full Scale Tunnel Drive Motor Failure
1976 Summary of Main Drive Motors Repair

[top] Survey Equipment Upgrade

November 17, 1992

[top] Miscellaneous Photos

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