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[top] Armistead

[top] Francis

1772 - 1849 York County Marriage Bonds and Consents

1778 - 1791 Lunenburg Co. Will Book

Cavaliers and Pioneers

Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers

[top] Harwood

1700-05-24 Will of Thomas Harwood

1974-06-23 Daily Press Article on Harwood Family

Descendants of Richard Cocke

Harwood Family Article

Harwood Pedigree

Hereward Records and Papers of 1620 to 1940

History and Registers of Charles Parish

Thomas Harwood of Poquoson

Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers

Will and Order for Thomas Harwood References

York County Deeds, Orders, Wills Book 11

York County Deeds, Orders, Wills Book 12

[top] Hudgins

1770-03-8 Virginia Gazette

1850-06-1 Free Inhabitants in Elizabeth City

1860-06-1 Inhabitants in Back District of Elizabeth City

1872-11-17 Norfolk Journal Winder Died

1974-09-29 Daily Press Article on Hudgins Family

1974-12-15 Daily Press Article on Hudgins Family

1975-04-20 Daily Press Article on Hudgins Family

1976-06-27 Article Fortunes Destroyed by Political Aspirations

1976-07-11 Article Columnist Investigated Immigration Corruption

1976-07-25 Article More About the Four Hudgins Brothers

1976-08-01 Article Tabb Information Needs Authentication

1976-08-29 Article Answering Hudgins Family

Addresses of Descendants still living

Excerpt from Confederate Military History

Houlder Hudgins I Family Group Sheet

Pedigree Chart for Houlder Hudgins I

[top] Mallory

Mallory Family Tree

Sons of Revolution

The Mallory Family

[top] Moore

Origins of Moore Name March 2, 1975 Daily Press

Early Genealogy from The Compendium of American Genealogy

Moore Family from Seldens of Virginia and Allied Families, Vol. II, Mary Selden Kennedy, 1911, Frank Allaben Genealogical Company.

Moore Family of Elizabeth City and York Counties, family history signed by Lyon G. Tyler, President of College of William and Mary, 1934.

The Moores of Tidewater, William and Mary Quarterly, unknown date

A Proud Heritage: Our Moore Family Genealogy Alexander, Sarah Elizabeth Moore. 1980

Notes on Individual Moores, compiled by Frank Farmer

John Moore Family Tree

John Moore Muster

Moore Property Timeline

Moore Family Marker

Augustine Moore Timeline

Augustine Moore Excerpt

Augustine Moore (1725-1795) compiled by Jane Moore, 1974.

Augustine Moore (1782-1824) compiled by Jane Moore, 1974.

William Moore (d. 1811) compiled by Jane Moore, 1974.

William Everard Moore (1801-1837) compiled by Jane Moore, 1974.

[top] Ross

Ross Family Tree

1756-09-20 Will of Elizabeth Ross

1772 - 1849 York Co. Marriage Bonds and Consents

1794-10-22 Will of Johnson Ross

1805-01-5 Will of Francis Ross Jr

1805-04-15 Deed Francis Ross to Jane Ross

1805-09-25 Will of Francis Ross *Note: There was a Yellow Fever epidemic in Hampton Roads in 1805, perhaps the cause of death of Francis Sr. and Jr.)

1808-07-15 Will References for Euphan, Mallory, and Rosea Ross

Cavaliers and Pioneers References to Ross

References for Ross

Ross Properties

Ross Wills

[top] Schmelz

[top] Sweeney (Sweney)

1655 Sweeney of Elizabeth City

Sweeney Family - William and Mary Quarterly

1695-02-27 Deed Thomas Tabb to Edmund Sweeney

1808-03-25 Adoption of a Sweney by Hudgins

[top] Tomer

Tomer Family Tree

Tomer Family Notes

Va Settlers and English Adventurers

1704 Rent Roll of Land Elizabeth City County

York Co Records 1691 to 1694

York Co Marriages 1772 - 1849

1715-12-26 Will of John Tomer

York Co Wills 1716 - 1720

York Co Wills 1720 to 1729

1796-05-7 Will of Francis Riddlehurst

York Co Guardian Accounts 1736 - 1780

[top] Vaughan

1818-11 Elizabeth City Co. Deeds

1828-08-10 Will of William Vaughan

1830-10-21 Will of William Vaughan

1976-02-7 Letter from Carrie Vaughan to Hugh Watson

References for Vaughan

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