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Facility 1213

Center: Langley Research Center
Location: Hampton, Virginia
Year Built: 1946
Historic Eligibility: Contributing Resource
Important Tests:

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[top] History

Originally constructed in 1946 as the Electrical Maintenance Building and Shop, the building has since been converted to LaRC's Cafeteria and Exchange Shop. The numerous additions to the building, coupled with the renovations to convert the building to its current function have obscured the original interior floor plan. The Exchange Shop sells gifts and merchandise and offers various services for LaRC employees.

Prior to Building 1213 serving as the cafeteria, the west area cafeteria was in Building 1227. The original west area cafeteria was constructed around 1941 and was demolished prior to 1966 when Building 1205 was constructed on the same site. Built during segregation, the floor plan reflected separate dining areas for 'white' and 'colored' with a shared kitchen area. (See more on racial relations prior to the Civil Rights Movement)

Building 1213 was demolished in the spring of 2015. The new cafeteria in the Integrated Engineering Services Building (IESB) opened in October 2014 adjacent to the Building 1213 site.


West Area Cafeteria (Building 1227)


Cafeteria Adjacent to Building 1148

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[top] General

1945 Aerial1947 Aerial1948 Aerial1948 Aerial1948 Aerial1949 Map - #2 Electrical Building1952 Aerial1952 Aerial1953 New Cafeteria FacilityLocation MapAerial 1.jpg1968198419861987 Outdoor DiningAstronauts at front entry1989 Floor Plan2014 Prior to Demolition2010 Front2010 Central Hall2010 Dining AreaMural from 20082010 Service Area2010 Patio Area2010 Back Door2010 Back Patio2010 Back Hall

[top] Demolition

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