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Entrance to Star Route Farm
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Bayou La Croix is a relatively small body of water near the eastern edge of the Stennis Space Center buffer zone which communicates with the Jordan River. Several small crossroads towns were located on or near it, the most significant of which was called Dillville. Dillville is known at one time to have had a post office, a small school, and to have been home to a company called Dill & Vizard which produced naval stores (a catchall term for pitch, rosin, turpentine, and other products made from pine resin).

Located along Bayou La Croix was also Star Route Farm, one of the most valuable homes in the area.

Other towns once located on what is now the Stennis Space Center facility include Gainesville within the fee area and Logtown, Napoleon, Westonia, and Santa Rosa in the buffer zone.

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