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1192 Complex
Facility 1192

Center: Langley Research Center
Location: Hampton, Virginia
Year Built: 1942
Historic Eligibility: National Register Eligible
Important Tests: Scout Project

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[top] History

Unknown to many is the Seaplane Impact Basin which was in the West Area campus. The construction of the new facility was approved in 1939 under the Second Deficiency Appropriation Act and was completed in 1942. The concrete basin itself, 360-feet long and nearly 27-feet wide, was covered by corrugated asbestos cement walls and roof. The two-story attached shop and offices were of brick. Still referred to as the Impact Basin in 1965, a voucher in September 1969 references the water supply to the Photo Lab. The basin may have been demolished around 1978 when the office facility became home to the Financial Management Office.

The section of this complex known as 1192C, or the Aircraft Guide, Control and Vehicle Dynamics Facility, was constructed in 1967 with a second addition in 1973. In 1970, the building housed the Viking Projects. Additions in 1970 and 1971 became 1192D and sometime around 1978 the two wings became the Projects Directorate Building. By the mid-1980s became home for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering or ICASE. Begun in 1972 at Langley, areas of research were Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aeroacoustics, Parallel Processing, and Control Theory.

In March 1984, the Space Station Office was formed and assigned the responsibility for developing plans for a permanent Space Station organization at Langley Research Center. They were temporarily housed in 1192C/D/E. Facility 1195E had been vacated by Scout Project Office in 1984 when they relocated to 641. The Space Station Office stayed until March 1986 when they moved to 1244.

Building 1192E was constructed in 1972 as the Scout Project Office. The Scout Project was divided into two functional areas. The first included the manufacture, checkout, and launch of vehicles, together with the associated support services. The second area was comprised of the studies, modifications, and improvements associated with Scout vehicles, ground support equipment, and standard operating procedures.

Building 1192 was demolished in 2013 and the remainder of the complex is currently abandoned and is scheduled for demolition in 2014 to make way for the new Measurement Sciences Laboratory (MSL).

[top] Photos

[top] General

War Years Description and PhotosDescription and Photos194119411941-10-24 Construction1941-11-07 Construction1941-11-15 Construction1942 Location (#10 Impact Basin)1942 Floor Plan for Seaplane Impact Basin1945 Impact Basin in Center of Photo1947 From Tabbs Creek (right side)19481949 Map - #11 Impact Basin195219521952 on right side1946 Interior195819581959196419641965 Apollo ModelImpact Basin from the east19691970197119721972 Bldg 1192E1192E in 1972 as Scout Project Office (zoom in on building sign)1978 Bldg 1192 Front1978 Floor Plan for Financial Management1978198419861192C1192D1192E

[top] Demolition

2010 Complex prior to Demolitioncomplexfirst floorsecond floor1192 NE Elevation1192 SE Elevation1192 E Elevation1192 W Elevation1192 Central Hallway 1st Floor1192 1st Floor Door1192 Stairs1192 2nd Floor Door & Transom Window1192 2nd Floor Offices610.JPG611.JPG612.JPG613.JPG649.JPG651.JPGMEG1584.jpgMEG1585.jpgMEG1586.jpg

[top] Films

1949 Annual Inspection

Ditching Investigation of a HU2K-1 Helicopter

[top] Documents

1941 Plans

1942 Description of Seaplane Impact Basin

1944 Seaplane Impact-A Review of Theoretical and Experimental Results

1951 An Experimental Study of Water-Pressure Distributions During Landing and Planing of a Heavily Loaded Rectangular Flat-Plate Model, Robert F. Smiley

1952 Water-Pressure Distributions During Landings of a Prismatic Model. Robery F. Smiley

1965 Impact Basin (1192) Real Property Record

1970 Viking Projects Office (1192C) Real Property Record

1972 Scout Project Office (1192E) Real Property Record

1978 Financial Management Office (1192) Real Property Record

1984 Space Station Office Memo

1990 Facility Resume

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