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Facility 1152

Center: Langley Research Center
Location: Hampton, Virginia
Year Built: 1941
Historic Eligibility: Eligible for National Register
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[top] History

Building 1152 was authorized under the First Supplementary National Defense Appropriation Act and approved by the Secretary of War in October 1940. This building is representative of an administrative support facility built during that patter part of the World War I - World War II (1917-1945) period. The 12 1/2 inch thick walls were to house the Electric Generating Plant. Building 1217, demolished in 1980 to make room for the addition to 1151, was added in 1941 as a storage facility for the plant. It appears from early floor plans that the Media Services Center, or Print Shop, occupied some rooms in the mid-1940s. Plans to convert the facility to another use were started as early as 1959 however, in 1967 the facility was still referred to as the power plant.

Sometime around 1973, the building was modified to serve as an office building for Business Data, Publications, Security, and Payroll. An addition for computing services was added to the northeast corner in 1977. Later, in the 1990s, the offices became workspace for the management and personnel of the NASA High Speed Research Program. A major renovation of the interior occurred in 1999 when the building was known as the Information Media center.

The facility was demolished in 2011.

[top] Photos

Original Stone Lintel1941-08-131941-10-24 Construction Progress1941-10-24 Construction Progress1941-10-24 Construction Progress1941-10-24 Construction Progress1941-11-07 Construction Progress1941-11-07 Construction Progress1941-11-15 Construction Progress1942-09-08 Location (#8 Power Plant)194519471949-10-25 Map - #13 Power Plant19521968-02-201975-09-051994-11-23ExteriorExteriorFloorplan Prior to Demolition2009 SW Elevation2010 SW Elevation2009 S Elevation2009 NW Elevation2009 N Elevation2010 Entrance2011 Building Sign2009 1st Floor Hallway2009 Typical Office2009 Restroom2009 Stairway2009 2nd Floor Hallway10-06-201110-06-201110-06-20112-22-20122-22-20122-22-20122-22-2012

[top] Documents

1941 Plans

1942 Addition of 1217 (storage)

1942 Description

1942 Floor Plan as Power Plant

1959 Conversion Plans

1965 Real Property Record

1965 Addition Plans

1967 Real Property Record

2010 Floor Plan

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