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[top] History

The Jake Garn Mission Simulator and Training Facility, otherwise known as the Integrated Training Facility, is the prime training facility for astronauts in the Shuttle and Space Station programs.

[top] Shuttle Mission Training Facility (SMTF)

The SMTF is the only high-fidelity simulator facility for flight crews and ground controllers for all phases of a Shuttle mission, from launch minus 30 minutes to landing and roll out. To support this requirement, the SMTF uses real-world flight computers and associated software, along with flight cockpit hardware. In addition, visual, aural, and motion cues are provided by computer generated out-the-window scenes, hidden speakers, and a motion platform.

In the last 25 years, flight simulation has become the major method of training personnel for commercial, military, and space vehicle operations. Ever since the Mercury and Apollo programs, flight simulation has proven to be the best way to train astronauts. Constructed in 1976-77, the facility has been operational since late 1978 and is expected to provide Shuttle crew training for the life of the Shuttle Program.

The SMTF includes the Fixed Base Simulator, Guidance and Navigation Simulator, Motion Base simulator, and the Space Habitability Simulator. The Motion Base is a high-fidelity replica of the Shuttle forward flight deck with seating for four astronauts, mounted on a platform assembly with seven hydraulic servo-actuators to pitch the crew cabin up to 90 degrees. The simulation controls, along with the platform motion, give the perception of vehicle motion.

[top] Space Station Training Facility (SSTF)

The Space Station Training Facility provides for mission training, flight procedures verification, and contingency mission support for the Space Station Program. This is the only facility in the program capable of providing full system simulation for the crews of both the Space Station and Space Shuttle programs. Additionally, it provides training for the flight control team in Mission Control at Johnson Space Center, and the payload support teams at Marshall Flight Center. The design is open and flexible to include simultation devices for the International Partners in the Space Station Program.

The Space Station Training Facility consists of a set of crew stations which replicate the interior of various modules of the Space Station. The modules can be operated individually or in tandem to simulate the full Space Station Mission. Further, the facility can be operated in conjunction with the other training simulators in this facility to provide a fully integrated set of training scenarios.

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