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It was not until June 11, 1920, when the NACA's first wind tunnel was dedicated, that the nation's first aeronautical research center had its real beginning at a permanent site staffed by its own employees, in its own facilities, and with its own program of aeronautical research. The facility was then officially designated "Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory." The research efforts were overseen by an advisory committee of noted scientists and aviation pioneers, including Orville Wright and Charles Lindbergh.

Over the years, LaRC has grown to over 700 acres. Along the way, various out-lying properties were also used. This page, currently under development, provides the documentation of the acquisition history. A map showing real estate acquisition is available.


[top] Deeds, Permits, and Agreements

Photos of original deed dated 30 December 1916.

1916-12-30 Deed to Langley Field with Supporting Documentation

1918-03-16 Acts of Assembly

1919-04-24 Memorandum Between the Army Air Service and NACA - Plot 16

1929-07-24 Memorandum - Plots 16 et al. - Heating Plant, Storehouse and Garage, Wind Tunnel, and Sea Plane Canal

1939 Plot 16 Land Use Permit

1939-1957 Land Use Permit Correspondence

1941 West Collier Estate - Survey Map

1941 East Collier Estate - Survey Map

1942-1947 Land Allotment Correspondence

1943-10-18 Amendment - Plot 16, additional areas, Areas "C" and "D" (excluding area "B")

1944-12-13 Amendment - Area "E"

1945-08-06 Amendment - Area "B"

1947-1948 Increase Land Allotment to build Hangar & Lab

1948-02-20 Amendment - Areas "Ba" and "Bb", excludes Areas "D1" and "D2"

1949-08-05 Amendment - Areas "H" and "G"

1950-09-18 420.46 Acres - Unitary Plan Tunnel and Map

1950-10-03 Amendment - Additional 0.21 acres for 1939 Permit

1952-03-21 Letter - Meteorological Instrument Station (south of hangar 1244)

1952-07-31 Amednment - Area "I" Adjacent to Hangar (1244)

1957-04-15 Letters to develop Hypersonic Physics Area

1957-04-18 Letters re: Runway 7-25

1957-11-19 Letter - LAL Land allotment

1957-12-12 Amendment - Area "J" - 67 acres in HPTA area

1939-1957 Document Collection on East Area Permits

1958-1959 Plum Tree Island (See also Plum Tree Island for additional information)

1962-01-22 Coquina Beach, NC - Installation of tracking equipment at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Original agreement not found - only amendments and correspondence.

1963-01-03 Amendment - Release 4.57 acres and East Area Hanger, now known as Building 750

1964-02-13 Amendment - Release 10.5 acres and Building 580

1964-08-14 Grant - Space Radiation Effects Laboratory, Newport News, includes easement with Virginia Electric and Power Company (see History and further reading) See 1965 Photo and 1966 Photo.

1965-12-14 Model Drop Tests - Permission for Drop Tests on Air Force Property

1965-1965 Drummond's Corner - Traffic Information on Wythe Creek Gate Changes

1966-08-01 Naval Weapons - Use of Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown for Meteor Simulation Project

1967-01-27 Letters Request to Release 1.8 acres - Golf Course Area

1969-04-15 Amendment - Release 15.57 acres for Golf Course

1975 Permitted Property Map

1976-02-19 Survey Request - DoD Survey Request for West Area Land Transfer

1976-09-15 Amendment - Transfer 340 acres in West Area to NASA

1976-09-15 Amendment - Restate remaining property under permit

1980-01-11 Amendment - Release 3 acres and Buildings 586 and 587, and add Allotment 20: 0.21 acres for cooling tower

1983-02-25 Amendment - Restate permitted land

1988-08-16 Amendment - Communications line (Drawing LD-740138)

1993-02-12 Determination for Grant of Easement to City of Hampton for Improvements to Wythe Creek Rd

1996-06-05 VDOT Project No. 0172-114-V02 PE-101 C-501 Wythe Creek Rd/Armistead Ave/Semple Farm Rd/Magruder Blvd

1996-06-19 LaRC Main Gate and Armistead Avenue Improvements

2002-07-18 IA1-601: Permit - Installation of electric line on LAFB propoerty

2003-03-05 IA-85: Permit - LAFB use of 0.34 acres as service road

2004-10-20 Transfer of Buildings 584 and 720 from NASA to USAF

[top] Other

1875 - 1947 Land Deeds and Plats of Elizabeth City County Courthouse

1942 USGS Hampton Quad (northern half)

1942 USGS Hampton Quad (southern half)

1950 Wythe Creek Road Widening

1951 Aerial Photo of VA Electric and Power Company line to Stratton Road Substation

1951-07-24 Proposed West Area Land Allotment (Plot 16)

1964 Real Estate Allotments

1976 Allotment List

Undated East Area Allotments

1960-1996 Land Reports

1975 NASA/LAFB Property Division

1975 NASA Real Estate

1993 Survey of Corner at Wythe Creek Road

Undated Request for Right-of-Way

2001 Wythe Creek Road

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