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As of April 2016, the Langley Archives Room is closed to public access due to lack of contract support and no current finding aid.
A portion of the collection has been scanned and is available by clicking the links below. If any of the information from the collection is utilized for research
or other projects,please cite NASA Langley Research Center as the source of the content, and when possible, link to the website:


[top] Anniversary Collections

[top] NACA 40th Anniversary

Description: In April 1955, the 40th Anniversary Dinner was held at the Great Hall, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. The event was presided over by James Doolittle. The Langley Medal was presented by Chief Justice Earl Warren to Jerome Hunsaker. Booklet compiled by Ira H. Abbott for the event is available in digital format.

[top] Langley 50th Anniversary

Anniversary Committee
Preliminary Letters, Memos, Etc
Stop Layouts
Job Orders
Work Orders
Programs & Badges
Speakers, Group Leaders, Assignments
Film Records
1967 NASA - Fifty Years of Aeronautics Research
Special Recognition
Joint Resolution
Reception (National Academy Sciences & Smithsonian)
Press Coverage
Letters of Commendation - Private Industry
Letters of Commendation - NASA
Letters of Commendation - Educational Institutes
Letters of Commendation - DoD
Letters of Commendation - Congressional
Letters of Commendation - Others
Open House

Description: In 1967, the center held a 50th Anniversary Celebration in the Hanger Building. 4 notebooks containing photographs, reports, clippings, speeches, and other documents; 2 notebooks containing congressional visits. Four volumes of planning materials, awards, two volumes of congressional visits during the celebration and miscellaneous articles.

Besides many events held on the center, special newsletters and other publications were produced, including the following.

Fifty Years of Aeronautical Research. 1 Jan 1967. History of aeronautical and space research at Langley Research Center - 1917-1967. NASA-EP-45.

1967 Aeronautics - A Century of Progress. Presented at the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

NASA Research Center Contributes to Efforts of NASA During First Five Years to Add to Knowledge of the Universe

Langley Research Center, Birthplace of Project Mercury, Contributes to Success of Manned Space Flight Program

Tradition of Nearly Half Century of service to Science of Flight Permits Langley Staff to Look with Confidence to Moon, Planets

Staff Providing Technical Background Required for Future Success of Lunar Mission, Supersonic Transport, Other Aerospace Programs

[top] NASA 20th Anniversary

1978 Langley Researcher - NASA 20th Anniversary

[top] Langley 75th Anniversary

Langley Streets Renamed for 75th Anniversary. 1991 Researcher News Article

Visitor Brochure Prior to Changes

Series of Maps Showing Changes

Paul Revere Bowl from Chamber of Commerce 1992NASA 75th Patch

Time Capsule

Summer 1992, Langley Research Center 75th Anniversary

[top] Langley 80th Anniversary

Description: Photo Collection Only in digital format.

[top] Langley 90th Anniversary

NASA Langley's 90th Anniversary - a montage of photos used at the anniversary celebration

In 2007, the center celebrated 90 years. Among the various activities was a luncheon attended by Neil Armstrong and members of the National Advisory Council (NAC). Armstrong shared some brief remarks based on the following recorded notes.

I am genuinely pleased to be here with the NASA National Advisory Council here at Langley. As a member of the senior citizen section of the NAC, I think I am the only person here who was an employee of the NACA. Although I never was employed by what was, at that time, known as Langley Laboratory, I visited here many times for meetings and project work from my positions at Lewis Lab (now Glenn), the NACA High Speed Flight Station (now Dryden) and later from the Manned Spacecraft Center (now Johnson) and NASA Headquarters.

Some of you in the NAC may not have visited here before. You may have learned some of the history from your tour yesterday. You should know that Langley was the first government aeronautical laboratory in the United States, and many will say, the greatest. Established in 1917, Langley celebrates its ninetieth birthday this year.

If a competition were held to determine that organization that had accomplished the largest number of advancements to aeronautical and aerospace progress, my nomination would be this place. General Lyles might nominate Wright Field (if he were permitted to include McCook Field) and I would understand his nomination. But I think I would win!

If there were a list of the 100 people who contributed most to progress in the world of flight, I believe Langley would provide the most names. Without question, many of the giants of aero research spent their careers here, and many others, who learned their craft here, went on to lead other research efforts at other government labs and in industry. Langley has been a powerhouse of creative thinking.

Research can be directed. Someone, no doubt, directed that a complete reference work on airfoils and their lift drag characteristics with and without flaps be created and assembled for designers across the country and beyond, and it was done, done well, and was probably more useful than could ever have been imagined.

But the most creative work was performed from the bottom up. A multitude of innovations sprung from the minds of Langley researchers who were given the opportunity, the test facilities, and the collegial environment to do superb work.

Many of you know of the writings of the aviator and author, Antoine, de Saint Exupery, who wrote THE LITTLE PRINCE, NIGHT FLIGHT, and WIND, SAND, AND STARS. His unique view of leadership was captured in his novel, THE WISDOM OF THE SANDS. He wrote: 'If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. (email dated 19 October 2007 from Holly McVey, research assistant to Mr. Armstrong (, to Langley director Lesa Roe.)

[top] NASA 50th Anniversary

NASA's 50th Anniversary - public relations video for anniversary celebrations

[top] Langley 95th Anniversary

2010 A Look Back with Langley's NACA Alumni: NACA's 95th Anniversary

[top] Langley 100th Anniversary

A Storied Legacy, a Soaring Future

100 Years.jpg

"Something happened 100 years ago that changed forever the way we fly. And then the way we explore space. And then how we study our home planet. That something was the establishment of what is now NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, which commemorated its 100th anniversary in 2017."

See below for some stories and events celebrating Langley's 100 years:

Celebrating 100 Years of NASA Langley: A Storied Legacy, a Soaring Future - Youtube video

Celebrating 100 Years - public relations video for the anniversary

Calendar of Centennial Events

NASA Langley Centennial Magazine

#NASALangley100: A Storied Legacy, A Soaring Future

Centennial Art Contest

[top] Apollo Program

Dates: 1960-1989

Description: The Apollo program, also known as Project Apollo, was the third human spaceflight program carried out by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) the United States' civilian space agency. The program was responsible for the landing of the first humans on Earth's Moon in 1969. First conceived during the Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower as a three-man spacecraft to follow the one-man Project Mercury which put the first Americans in space. The first manned flight of Apollo was in 1968. Apollo ran from 1961 to 1972, and was supported by the two-man Gemini program which ran concurrently with it from 1962 to 1966. Gemini missions developed some of the space travel techniques that were necessary for the success of the Apollo missions. Apollo used Saturn family rockets as launch vehicles.

[top] Annual Awards Ceremonies & Medals

Programs are Digital; Medals

Description: Collection of programs from annual Langley Research Center awards ceremonies. Scanned from various donations of awards recipients. Originals not retained.

The collection of medals was presented to the Langley Archives by the Alumni Association in 2014. The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics established two awards on November 30, 1954, for award to NACA employees.

In 2015, as part of the NACA/NASA Centennial, LaRC started a Hall of Honor. Information on the ceremony and inductees is digital.

[top] Annual Conferences and Inspections

Digital Collection

Description: The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have conducted many inspections of the Langley Research Center. Materials generated for these inspections describe the most important work done at Langley.

Prior to WWII, NACA Langley hosted the Annual Engineering Conferences.

After WWII, Langley hosted some of the Annual Inspections.

Other conferences were hosted at Langley over the years as well.

[top] Artifacts Inventory

(photos and descriptions of items are digital)

Donors: NACA/NASA Personnel

[top] Bicentennial

Description: Collection of copied documents and photo prints of events at NASA Langley in commemoration of the 1976 bicentennial.

[top] Biographical Sketches

[Biographical Sketches|Digital Format Only]]

Description: Collection of sketches of personnel accomplishments primarily written as news releases.

[top] Charles H. Zimmerman Collection


Description: The eclectic collection of the papers of an aeronautical engineer with a long and varied career includes materials ranging from an early (1930's) flying wing and its fighter derivative, to the theory of relativity, to stand-on flying platforms. Zimmerman was a long-time employee of the NACA, a member of the Space Task Group (Project Mercury management team) and aircraft industry designer, an Army Aviation chief engineer, and a NACA Headquarters manager, among other accomplishments.

Subject Headings:

  • Flying Wing
  • Gravity
  • Helicopters
  • Relativity
  • VTOL
  • Zimmerman, Charles H.

[top] CLOT Project

[top] Collier Trophies


Description: NASA Langley has been awarded several Collier Trophies over the years. The Robert J. Collier Trophy is administered by the National Aeronautic Association and is awarded annually "for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of air or space vehicles, the value of which has been thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year."

Collier, publisher and early President of the Aero Club of America, commissioned the trophy in 1910 with the intent to encourage the American aviation community to strive for excellence and achievement in aeronautic development. The 525 pound trophy was commissioned of Baltimore sculptor Ernest Wise Keyser and was originally called the Aero Club Trophy. The trophy is a bronze sculpture of a globe, two male and one female figures rising from the globe. The sculpture rests on two walnut bases; each base has an engraved brass plaque on each side with the engraved names of recipients. It was officially renamed the Robert J. Collier Trophy in 1944 and put on permanent display at the National Air and Space Museum, Golden Age of Flight exhibit, in 1951 (See Smithsonian).

Click here to view a video of 100 years of the Collier Trophy.

[top] Deborah Douglas Collection

[Deborah Douglas Collection|Digital]]

Description: Facilities Files compiled by former Contract Historian

[top] Dedication of Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory

[top] Donald D. Baals Collection

[Donald D. Baals|Digital]]

Donor: Donald Baals

[top] Donald E. Hewes Papers

=Edgar M. Cortright Speeches= Digital

Description: This collection contains handwritten, typed, and published speeches given by Cortright, as Associate Administrator at NASA Headquarters and Director of Langley Research Center, between 1959 and 1975.

[top] Energy Efficient Aircraft Programs (ACEE/EET)

Location: Digital

Description: Collection of research documentation of improvements to various aircraft to improve efficiency.

[top] Facility Resumes

Description: For a number of years, LaRC produced a brief facility resume on each building. These collection provided a catalog of research capabilities and items by building as well as some building technical data. The management compiled these resumes for their own use, but they provide insight into the various buildings and historic research conducted in each.

1968 Resume of Research Facilities at NASA Langley

[top] Flight Logs

Description: Collection of handwritten daily logs of flights originating from NACA/NASA Langley. Books will be scanned in future or upon request. Box 05/05/1922 - 12/06/1922
12/07/1922 - 12/31/1923
01/01/1924 - 08/11/1924
08/12/1924 - 04/08/1925

05/02/1930 - 04/21/1931

Books marked by start date Box May 1932
Apr 1932
May 1933
July 1934
Sept 1935
Nov 1936
Jan 1938
May 1939
Jul 1940
Box 5-9-41 5-15-41 NACA 99 12-A from Don Loving
11-24-41 - 4-6-56 Given to Thomas H. Brady (Tom) in 1073 by Edwin Hunt (Eddie) when Hunt retired. Given to Donald L. Loving (Don) by Tom Brady 2-23-78.
Jul 1941
Jul 1942
May 1943
Apr 1944
Feb 1945
Dec 1945
Jan 1947
Jan 1948
Nov 1948
Sept 1949
Aug 1950
1946 - 1960 Flight logs for NACA/NASA aircraft at Edwards AFB
Box Feb 1951
Aug 1951
Nov 1954
Nov 1955
Dec 1956
Jan 1958
Jan 1959
Jan 1960
Jan 1961
Dec 1961
Nov 1962
Oct 1963
Box Sept 1964
Jul 1965
Jun 1966 - Apr 1967
May-Dec 1967
Jan - Oct 1968
Nov 1968 - Sept 1969
Oct 1969
Oct 1969 - Jul 1970
Aug 1970 - Jun 1971
Jul 1971 - Apr 1972
May 1972 - Dec 1972
Jan 1973 - Oct 1973
Nov 1973 - Sept 1974
Box Oct 1974 - Sept 1975
Sept 1975 - Aug 1976
Seet 1976 - Aug 1977
Sept 1977 - May 1978
Jun 1978 - Jan 1979
Feb 1979 - Nov 1979
Dec 1979 - Nov 1980
Dec 1980 - Dec 1981
Dec 1981 - Feb 1983
Feb 1983 - May 1984
May 1984 - Jul 1985

[top] Floyd L. Thompson Collection

Floyd L. Thompson Collection Inventory

Date: 1926-1979

Donor: The entire collection of papers was donated to the LaRC archive in 1980 by Thompson's widow, Mrs. Jean Thompson

Description: Floyd Thompson worked at the Langley Research Center from 1926-1938. Beginning as an aeronautical engineer fresh out of the University of Michigan, Thompson became chief of the Flight Research Division in 1940 and Chief of Research in 1945. He was appointed Associate Director of the Facility in 1952 and ultimately Facility Director in 1960, a post he held until 1968. Upon his retirement from Langley he served as special adviser to the Administrator of NASA.

During his career at Langley, Thompson worked on many projects such as transonic flight and hydrodynamics. He also sat on or chaired many boards and committees including the Apollo 204 Review Board and the Thompson Committee on Orbital Named Spaceflight. Thompson corresponded with many members of the engineering community and participated in many members of the engineering community and participated in many professional societies and local organizations.

The Floyd Thompson Collection consists of documents and other materials, including photographs, from Dr. Thompson's personal files. While there is some material from as early as 1926, the collection is strongest in the NASA period and in the area of spaceflight policy and research.

This collection holds more for the space historian than it does for the aeronautical historian. Most of its contents postdate the NACA; they derive from Thompson's term as director of the NASA Langley Research Center, 1960-1968. The later portion of this collection, though, contains some important documents on NACA research dating back to the 1930s. The entire collection of papers was donated to the LaRC archive in 1980 by Thompson's widow, Mrs. Jean Thompson.

Collection includes documents, loose photographs, printed material, 2 scrapbooks, plaques, medals and certificates.

[top] Fred E. Weick Collection

Location: By request of the family, the entire Fred E. Weick Collection was sent to the Smithsonian for review/processing in March 2016.

Date: 1899-1993

Donor: Donald V. Weick

Description: Papers, books, reports, correspondence, tapes, misc. artifacts; collection includes NACA career as well as outside career.

Fred Weick Archives Collection

[top] George Maddrea Collection


Donor: Blair Maddrea (son)

Description: Collection of photos and documents related to research by Maddrea

[top] Hartman Reports of West Coast Aircraft Plant Visits 1949-1959

[top] High Speed Research (HSR)


Description: A collection of photos, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and documents that highlights Langley's high speed research efforts since the 1950s. From several personal collections.

[top] Histories, General

[Langley_Documents|Digital Format Only]]

Description: Collection of documents pertaining to various aspects of Langley history. Includes articles, booklets, and small publications.

[top] Histories, Oral

Digital- see description below

Description: Over the years, NASA and NASA Langley have embarked on efforts to records oral histories. Some of the interview subjects include such NACA/NASA notables as SMith J. deFrance, Floyd Thompson, and aviation pioneers such as Igor Sikorsky. Topics generally include individual projects, the Langley Research Center, and the relationship of NACA/NASA with industry and with other branches of the government.

Interviews have also been collected by the Historic Preservation Officer and consist of transcripts and video interviews with personnel and alumni. These are of value to the technical and historical communities. The material gives considerable insight into how and why things happened that are no longer documented. The collection is of a class above the typical “oral history” content and will be extremely useful to those trying to understand how personnel and their peers became interested and forged the paths in their work.

Interview transcripts are being incorporated into our Langley Legacies page. Click here for those who do not yet have individual pages.

For a complete listing of the taped interviews, see the Cultural Resources YouTube Channel.

[top] Histories, Pictorial

Brief Pictorial History of Langley Research Center: 1917-1981. Agnes Linder. 1981

Restrictions: Publish with appropriate credit.

Description: Agnes Linder collected the eighty-two photographs of significant people, structures and aircraft which best exemplify the history of Langley from 1917-1981.

[top] Jack Reeder Collection

[top] Langley Photographic History Project

See Early Flight Research and Modern Flight Research for photos which have been scanned. Contact Photo Archives for high-resolution scans or access to the photo notebooks.

Donor: Brian Nicklas, National Air and Space Museum

Description: Index (14 volumes) and NACA/NASA Langley Research Center Aircraft Listing: 1917-1992. This comprehensive list starts with the arrival of the first aircraft, the JN-4H Jenny in 1919, and ends with the F-16XL in 1991.

Brian Nicklas of the National Air and Space Museum collected over one thousand photographs of Langley aircraft, people and facilities form the other photograph collections as well as the Milton Ames collection and the Langley Photographic Laboratory archives. These photographs are being digitized. Contact the Langley Photo Archives.

[top] Loftin Photograph Collection

Laurence K. Loftin

Description: Three volumes of photographs collected by this former NACA/NASA engineer. Hundreds of photographs of many of the interesting and important aircraft which have been flight tests at the Langley Research Center between 1928 and 1959. Each covers one decade(volume 1:1928-37, volume 2:1937-43, volume 3:1943-59).

[top] Weiner Photograph Collection

Donor: Martin Weiner

Description: Hundreds of photographs with a brief caption of many of the key people to work at or visit Langley as well as many of the most important or interesting aircraft and spacecraft which underwent test or research from 1947-1979.

[top] Histories, Written

A Historical Look at US Launch Vehicles 1967-Present (1988)

A History of Langley Research Center, 1917-1947. Michael Keller. 1968. Dissertation from The University of Arizona.

A Review and Commentary of A Thesis by Arthur L. Levine Entitled United States Aeronautical Research Policy 1915-1958: A Study of the Major Policy Decisions of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Dated 1963. Ira H. Abbott. April 1964. unpublished.

Aeronautics and Astronautics 1915-1960 Appendix A

Aeronautics in NACA and NASA]. NASA. 1991. NP-156.

Bill Sleeman Unpublished History of His Life and Work at NASA LaRC

Computers in Spaceflight: The NASA Experience. James E. Tomayko. 1988. NASA Contract Report NASW-3714.

The Development of Winged Reentry Vehicles 1952-1963. John Becker. 1983.

Fifty Years of Flight Research at Langley Research Center, 1917-1966. Michael David Keller. 1966. Comment copy of HHN-65 by Keller as a graduate student at the University of Arizona.

Forty Years of Aeronautical Research. J.C. Hunsaker. 1956. Location: Box #2-Pamphlets.

Historical Origins of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Government Printing Office. 1963. Location: Box #2-Pamphlets

History of NACA Transonic Research

HL-10 Historical Review. Robert W. Rainey and Charles L. Ladson. July 1969

Langley History by H. A. Soule.Covers the history of Langley Research Center from 1915-1939.

Lunar Orbiter: A Preliminary History. Byers, 1969.

NASA's Implementation of the Lunar Landing Mission (HHN-81). Logsdon. August 1969.

The NSP Phase II Implementation of NAS Act 1958

Opportunities for Postdoctoral Research in Aerospace-Related Sciences at LaRC 1967-1968

Parawings for Astronautics Paper. Francis Rogallo.

Preliminary History of NASA 1963-1969

Preliminary History of NASA Vol 2

Sixty Years of Aeronautical Research 1917-1977. David A. Anderton. 1978. EP 145.

US Aeronautical Research Policy 1915-1958. Levine. 1963. and Appendix Excerpt.

[top] Impact Dynamics Testing

digital; copies of copyright articles available in archives collection

Description: History of the Lunar Lander Research Facility from its design by Hewitt Phillips to present research. After the Man in Space program, the facility was renamed the Impact Dynamics Research Facility where testing included crash tests of various aircraft and materials.

[top] Ira H. Abbott


Donor: Ira H.A. Abbott (son)

Description: Ira H. Abbott worked at Langley from 1929 to 1948 when he transferred to NASA Headquarters. He retired in 1962. This digital collection was scanned from Abbott's personal collection now in possession of his son. Collection includes articles, reports, photos, and some memorabilia.

[top] Ira W. Ramsey, Jr.


Donor: Dale Ramsey (son)

Description: Ira W. Ramsey headed a team of men in the Lunar Orbiter Test Program (LOPO) which was responsible for the entire Lunar Orbiter testing program and for the success of the parallel mode despite its inherent risk. He also worked on Viking and LDEF.

[top] Jack Reeder Collection

Digital - small collection of hard copy in Langley Archives

Description: Photographs relating to early Langley history and some personal test pilot information

[top] Jim Penland Collection

Digital; small collection of hard copy retained (Box #13)

Donor: Jim Penland Family

Description: Primarily composed of Penland's work with the development of the X-15 aircraft at NASA Langley.

The digital archive represents thirteen boxes of reports, engineering drawings, related photographs and viewgraphs, working notes, etc., that Penland generated or collected over the course of his career. Collectively, they provide insight from the perspective of an engineer and project member into several Langley projects and programs. The collection has been organized by project, with the files within each set of project boxes placed in ascending chronological order according to the first date found within the documents of a file. Files within a collection containing documents with no date are placed at the end of the folder.

[top] Jovian Missions Collection

Description: Photographs and accompanying material produced by the Pioneer and Voyager missions. See also The Voyager Flights to Jupiter and Saturn. 1982. EP-191.

[top] John Stack Collection

Digital Author: John Stack

Donor: Peter Stack, son of John Stack

Description: Files, photographs and publications generated or collected by Stack during his career at Langley

John Stack (1906-1972) was a world renowned aeronautical engineer. His career in aviation spanned forty years, thirty-two of which were spent at the Langley Research Center.Graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1928, Stack came directly to NASA where he became a junior aeronautical engineer. His most important work was done in the field of high-speed, transonic, and super sonic research and testing. Stack is responsible for many of the wind tunnels at Langley and he used those tunnels to develop technology for use on some of the world's most important planes such as the P-51 "Mustang," the DC-3, and the B-24, among others.

Stack sat on many boards and committee's such as the NACA Subcommittee on Aerodynamics. He was a member of many professional organizations and was invited to speak internationally. Stack retired from NASA in 1962 to take a position as vice president as director of engineering at Republic Aviation Corporation.

This collection is more valuable to the aeronautical historian than is the Thompson collection because it includes a greater number and wider chronological range of older business correspondence and research program files-many of which concern Stack's pioneering work in transonic and supersonic technology. The papers were donated to the Langley archives by Stack's son, Peter.

John Stack Archives Collection

[top] Keith Henry Collection


Donor: Keith Henry prior to retirement

Description: Keith Henry worked at NASA Langley many years in the public affairs office. During that time, he was responsible for gathering and disseminating information for public outreach. At his retirement, he donated his files for preservation. This collection includes primarily documents and photos.

[top] Lectures and Presentations

Audio Only Files and videos. Files have not been transcribed.

Description: Collection of audio only files dating from the 1970s and videos from later dates. Files have not been transcribed.

Many of the lectures given prior to video cameras were captured in reel-to-reel tapes. These are being converted to digital format to preserve these presentations in the researchers own voices. They are now available in mp3 format.

Later lectures which were video-taped are available at the Lectures and Presentations Playlist.

[top] Max Munk Collection

Digital; See also Variable Density Tunnel

Description: Collection of books from personal library and collected technical reports.

[top] Military Work


Date: 1958-Present

Description: Photographs of aircraft, aircraft models, and photo captions.

[top] Milton Ames Collection

Photo collection

In the early 1970s Ames, an ex-Langley engineer who had served as chief of aerodynamics at NACA headquarters from 1949 to 1958, began research for what he hoped would be a complete and publishable history of the laboratory. Although he did not achieve his goal, Ames did pull together hundreds of significant documents. Organized into folders which he titled and deposited into seven oversize boxes, the Ames Collection is stored-according to the original box scheme and folder titles-in file cabinets in the LaRC archive.

The Ames Collection is especially enlightening because it was created by an old NACA hand, a product of the institutional culture under investigation. The documents he found significant enough to include for research tell us something about both Ames's identity as a member of the NACA "corporation" and his approach as an engineer to historical understanding. Furthermore, since Ames was one of the NACA's most talented and forward-looking aerodynamicists, his choice of key technical papers for historical examination is very helpful to the nonspecialist.

Milton Ames Collection Inventory

[top] Missile Model Designs

Collection of 12 drawing pads giving details on the designs of missile models from 1947-1957. To be scanned in future. Originals retained in Archive Collection.

Book #1 Sept 1947 - Apr 1948
Book #2 - Apr 1948 - Sept 1948
Book #3 - Sep 1948 - Mar 1949
Book #4 - Mar 1949 - Jul 1949
Book #5 - Jun 1949 - Sept 1949
Book #6 - Sep 1949 - Jan 1950
Book #7 - Jan 1950 - May 1950
Book #8 - May 1950 - Feb 1951
Book #9 - Feb 1951 - Jan 1952
Book #10 - Jan 1952 - Mar 1953
Book #11 - Mar 1953 - Aug 1954
Book #12 - Aug 1954 - Oct 1957

[top] NACA Langley Flight Research Reports Collection

Location: Archives Room Donor: W. Hewitt Phillips

Description: Bound reports; An index card file covers 75% of the collection; Hundreds of reports, dealing with all types of aircraft, compiled by two branches of the Flight Research Division over 3 decades.

[top] NACA Reunions

NACA Reunion 1976

Memory Book of the 12th Reunion - Final NACA reunion held 2-4 May 2008. There were 360 attendees from over 30 states.

[top] National Archives - Washington, DC Office

The following document is a NARA (Washington, DC Branch) study of NACA records prepared in 1973. It is believed that the NACA Langley records (listed on the last page of this document) sought by NARA in 1973 are now at NARA College Park, MD. This cannot be confirmed, however, unless researchers visit NARA College Park and perform this research themselves to verify that the Langley materials are now in the NARA College Park holdings.

NARA Wash DC Study of NACA Records

[top] National Archives - College Park Office

Location: Transferred to National Archives, College Park. Search Record Group 255 on-line or browse through finding aid.

Date: 1917-present

Donor: NASA Langley

Description: Collection contains records of NACA Headquarters (RG 255.2), as well as center records (RG255.4.5). Typically contains the originals of documents while Philadelphia office contains onion skin copies.

The National Archives provides a search engine for multiple National Archives resources at a single website. There are already over 1,000 LaRC holdings available electronically.

[top] National Archives - Philadelphia Office

Location: transferred to National Archives, Philadelphia, Record Group 255; may be some duplication at National Archives, College Park. Note that holdings at College Park are more extensive. If you do not see files you are looking for, be sure to check the NARA - College Park Office listing.

Date: 1918 - 1978

Description: The records in this group consist of correspondence files from NASA's Langley Research Center (LaRC) in Hampton, Virginia. The titles have been arranged by NARA Philadelphia into three series. This listing, prepared by NARA, includes subject, dates, and box numbers.

For a full listing of the Philadelphia office collection, see

Series 1) Project Correspondence Files, 1918-1973

Series 2) Subject Correspondence Files, 1918-1978

Series 3) Copies of Subject Correspondence Files (Series 2), 1920-1970 (Microfilm)

Series 4) Center Newsletters, 1942-1996 (see also Langley Collection)

Series 5) Management Files: Richard H. Petersen (1984-1991) and Paul Holloway (1991-1996)

Series 6) Office Records Project Scout, 1956-1995 (sent to NARA, Atlanta)

Series 7) Personnel Files of Temporary Work performed by Contractors, 1989-1995

The correspondence records in this record group reflect the LaRC's organizational methods regarding its written communications.

All outgoing correspondence was reviewed and revised up through the division level until sanctioned in its final form by the office of the chief of research; then it was signed by the engineer-in-charge; the top man in the laboratory organization.

Incoming letters to individuals were routed directly to the, but only after being opened bu the mail clerks. Copies of all letters, incoming and outgoing, were made for central files. Each letter was placed into one or more subject files, which were arranged according to an alphanumeric code unique to Langley. Within each subject, papers were then arranged by date.

[top] News Releases


Dates: 1983 - 2009

Description: Scanned copies of news releases throughout the years

[top] Newsletters


Dates: 1942-present

Description: Over the years, the center has produced newsletters that have undergone several names changes. From 1942-1944, it was called the LMAL Bulletin. In 1945, it changed to the Air Scoop, a name that lasted through 1962. The longest running name however has been the Langley Researcher News.

Most issues for all years have been scanned. If you find that you have a copy of a missing issue, please forward to the Preservation Officer.

[top] Norman Crabill Collection

[top] P-51 "Mustang" Collection

Digital; Hardcopy in Archives Collection

Date: 1939-1992

Donor: compiled By: John P "Jack" Reeder and Richard Layman

Description: Collection of historical articles and correspondence written by Langley test pilot John P. "Jack" Reeder as well as photographs and other materials compiled by Reeder and Richard 'Dick' Layman. Original North American Aviation documents on the aircraft, and contributions of the NACA Langley Aeronautics Laboratory to the development of the P-51 aircraft in its various models during the 1940's.

North American Aviation's "Mustang" has been called "one of the few truly great aeroplanes of World War II." Former NACA test pilot John P. (Jack) Reeder explains that the Mustang was the fastest propeller-driven fighter in the war and that its long range allowed protective escort for heavy bombers to the heart of Germany and back to England. The NACA developed several improvements to the plane during the 1940's including increased speed (using a laminar-flow wing,) better roll characteristics, and increased stability.

The Mustang Collection in the archives of the Langley Research Center consists of many early reports, including fifteen contemporary NACA experiments, drawings, and specifications from both North American Aviation and the NACA, and approximately 75 rare photographs.

See Also the XP-51 Mustang, John P. "Jack" Reeder, and the Langley Photographic History Project above.

[top] Personnel Documents

Date: 1945-1953

Description: Small collection of personnel documents which give insight to the organization of Langley Research Center. Of particular interest to research during time when role of women in the work force was changing.

1945 Hydrodynamics Division

1945 Personnel Division

1942 Badge belonging to O.W. Culpepper

1947 Key Personnel

1949 Research Division

1950 Civil Service Exam Announcement

1952 Structures Research Division

1954 Stability Research Division

1953 Dynamic Loads Division

Photos - Originals in Archives Collection

[top] Photographs, Signed

The originals of each of these is maintained in the Langley Archives Room. Except for framed items, photographs are maintained in box #9.

[top] Procedure Manual

[top] Publications - NASA

1. Historical Origins of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Government Printing Office. 1963.

2. Key Personnel of Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory. 1947.

3. Forty Years of Aeronautical Research. J.C. Hunsaker. 1956.

4. Aero & Space Comic. Larry Merrill. 1992.

5. Signed letter from J.B. Lankes with donation of A Brief History of Aeronautics.

6. Spinoff 1976: A Bicentennial Report. 1976 Technology Utilization Program Report. SP-5121.

7. Space, The New Frontier. 1963. Original version reprinted in 1975 but with some differing information from reprint. Government Printing Office 1963 0-696-690.

Digital Only

Fuel-Saving Aircraft. 1976. Document Number 1976-0-214-695.

[top] Publications - Outside

Description: Collection of items such as newspaper clippings, magazines, and journals about NASA and NASA Langley.

1. Impact Dynamics Testing

2. Next Decade in Space: Special Report on NASA Programs. Aviation Week. Reprint of June 22, 1959 issue.

[top] Research Authorization Files

Location: moved to NASA Headquarters Archives Collection, Washington D.C. in 2015


Description: Whenever a project for research at NACA/NASA (originally only Langley) was approved, an RA was signed by the chairman of the board and forwarded to the lab for execution. An RA technically includes a number, title, and information on the investigation resulting in the publication of a report. The files include correspondence, memorandum, reports and other records pertaining to research projects.

[top] Richard T. Layman Collection The Working Collection

Date: 1917-1994

Donor:Richard 'Dick' Layman

Description:Hundreds of photographs of people, aircraft, facilities, compiled and models by Layman, in his role as historical program coordinator, which document the 75 year history of the research center

[top] Richard Whitcomb Collection


Description: Most of this collection has been scanned and is available electronically. Documents with historical significance, or which are copyrighted, are stored in the archive collection.

[top] Robert D. Witcofski Collection

Author: Robert D. "Bob" Witcofski was the Contracting Officers Technical Representative for the High Speed Research Program. He worked in the High Speed Research (HSR) Program Office at NASA Langley. He compiled this collection of Tu-144 Program Coordination Memos, and attachments, which the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group had distributed.

Date: 1994-1998

Contents: Files, vugraphs, and film relating to NASA high speed flight research conducted in Russian Tu-144 supersonic transport aircraft

See Robert D. Witcofski Collection.

[top] Robert Trimpi Collection

Digital; small collection of hardcopy retained

Donor: Trimpi Heirs

Description: Scanned collection of the works of other authors that Trimpi considered important to his work at NASA.

[top] Rotorcraft / VSTOL Research


Date: 1950s to Present

Description: This is a small collection of photos that highlights Langley's Rotorcraft/Vertical Short Takeoff and Landing efforts since the 1950s. Collection did not reference work or buildings associated with the work.

[top] Rotor Systems Research Aircraft (RSRA)

Date: 1974 - 1978

Description: The RSRA was a joint venture of the Army and Langley Research Center. The 'flying wind tunnel; operated like a helicopter which could fly as either a fixed wing aircraft or a combination airplane/helicopter. Test flights were conducted at Wallops Flight Center. Newspaper and magazine clippings, all copied.

NASA, Army to Accept New Research Aircraft. Daily Press. September 27, 1978.

NASA gets 'flying wind tunnel'. The Times Herald. September 26, 1978.

Flying 'tunnel takes off. The Times-Herald. April 25, 1978. Quest. July/August 1978.

Sikorsky S-72 Makes First Flight. Aviation Week and Space Technology. April 17, 1978.

Strange New Helicopter is Undergoing NASA Testing. Daily Press. January 5, 1978.

First RSRA Ready for Tests. General Aviation News. August 15, 1977.

NASA News. Florida Aviation Journal. April 1977.

Rotary/Fixed Wing Design Details Near. Aviation Week and Space Technology. September 30, 1974.

See also the following videos:

LJ-8888 RSRA at Wallops video

RSRA pilot ejection research

RSRA at Edwards AFB

RSRA in winds


[top] Scout Collection


Date: 1959-1992 Description: Material relating to the Scout project from its inception through the closeout of the Langley Office in 1992. Photographs,clippings, press releases, contractor reports

[top] Space Shuttle Program


Description: Research in direct support of the Space Shuttle Program (SSP) started in 1969 and continued through the end of the program. The SSP drew on a multitude of capabilities already in place at NASA Langley Research Center. Langley was the premier Space Center and played a leading role in Space Programs such as Mercury and Apollo, but the researchers' roles have often been overlooked. This collection of scanned documents from various places was compiled during the closing of the project.

[top] Space Task Group

Digital; some hard copy retained after scanning (Box #15)

Description: Collection of documents and photos from the early development of the Space Task Group prior to transfer to Johnson Space Center in Houston. Mostly a digital collection. Some hard copy retained, but no originals.

[top] Special Aircraft Collection

Donor: Richard Layman

Date: 1917-present

Description:Reports, blueprints, and artifacts; Materials relating to some of the interesting and important aircraft studied at Langley, such as the FSU-1, X-15, Harrier, lifting bodies, airships, and seaplanes.

[top] Telephone Directories

Digital Format Only

Date:1942-2002; After 2002, LaRC moved to a web-based telephone directory and did not produce a hard copy.

[top] Tunnel Logs

[top] 8-Foot High Speed

1948 - 1952

  • Drawings and Sketches includes title, date, and draftsman initials
  • Test Logs from test #42 through #248: includes engineer, JO number, test number, description

Book #1 Run Logs December 1935 - December 1942

Book #2 Run Logs 1943 - 1949

Nov 1949 - Dec 1960 Run Logs for Tests 143 - 259

1970 - Test 530 - 731

1976 - Test 733 - 903

==8-Foot Transonic Pressure Tunnel

Oct 1952 - Sep 1963 Test Run Logs

Sept 1963 - Jan 1967 Test Run Logs

Jan 1967 - Dec 1973 Test Run Logs

Jan 1974 - Feb 1980 Run Logs for Tests 670 - 868

[top] Viking Collection

digital and hardcopy.

Description: Photographs, reports, clippings, videos. Materials relating to the Viking project including hundreds of photographs,manuals used during the missions, books.

[top] VIP Visits


Description: Photographs of visits by VIPs during the 1960s. Digital collection only. Negatives maintained by the Langley Photo Archives.

[top] Visitor Logs

3-11-26 - 4-23-34

11 March 1934 - 23 April 1934

1 May 1934 - 2 February 1940

12-20-51 - 12-14-61

2 January 1952 - 14 May 1954

17 May 1954 - 23 May 1957

7-30-56 - 9-30-58

10-1-58 - 10-5-59

9-30-58 - 6-30-61 Special visits, conferences, and tours

10-6-59 - 6-30-60

1 July 1960 - 19 June 1961

20 June 1961 - 13 June 1962

July 1961 - August 1966 Currently Being Scanned

12-21-61 - 4-9-68

8 January 1962 - 1 June 1962 Currently Being Scanned

21 June 1962 - 19 November 1965 Currently Being Scanned

21 December 1961 - 9 April 1968

6-14-62 - 5-27-63

5-28-63 - 3-24-64

3-24-64 - 12-15-64

12-16-64 - 9-8-65

11-19-65 - 6-3-70 east receptionist desk register

1-18-65 - 4-13-66 Space Radiation Effects Laboratory

9-9-65 - 6-21-66

19 November 1965 - 21 May 1970

6-21-66 - 3-29-67 Radiation Effects and Instrumentation Section at Sherwood Center

29 March 1967 -7 December 1967

12-7-67 8-13-68

4-11-68 - 8-21-73 flight operations register

8-13-68 - 4-18-69

4-18-69 - 12-8-69

6-18-69 - 3-28-72

12-8-69 - 7-30-70

7-31-70 - 4-12-71

4-12-71 - 2-25-72

1-25-72 - 12-14-72

12-14-72 - 8-30-74

9-3-74 - 6-24-79

1-19-80 et al Floating Register

[top] William Mayo Collection

Digital Format Only

Donated by: Leonard Mayo (son) 9/19/2014

Description: Leonard Mayo, a 1959 NASA apprentice grad shared these papers, which his father, William Mayo (a long-time Langley lab employee - and before that a Newport News Shipyard apprentice grad) presented quite a few years ago. Mr. Mayo provided a very good explanation of the difference between the classic notion of an apprentice (i.e., limited to practicing his trade) and one who not only is skilled at his trade, but brings additional tools in the way of higher education to any assigned task and thus can interface with and be a vital and contributing part of a research and/or engineering team.

[top] Women Workers at NACA

See also Human Computers, World War II, and Racial Relations for more information including photos and videos.

Air Scoop Small collection of excerpts from internal newsletter during WWII years

SP-1 Employees A document written by engineer H.H. Derring in 1943 regarding the recruitment, selection, organization and training of women for work at NACA. Includes names of women in each of the 2-week training classes offered from December 1942 through April 1943.

Computing Group Organization and Practices at NACA 1942 document written by R.H. Cramer, Curtiss representative at NACA, for R.A. Darby. Document proposes the use of women computers in the Engineering Department at Curtiss to increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing cost. Proposal is based on observations of practices at NACA.

Hansen Women 1983 list of women James Hansen planned on interviewing on 26 July 1983. List also includes Hansen's notes on each woman's careers.

From the Slide Rule to the Supercomputer: An Oral History of Aerospace Computing at Langley 1983 panel discussion led by James Hansen. This document is the list of questions asked during both the first and second segments. Those interviewed include Vera Huckel, Helen Willey, Marie Burcher, Paul Fuhrmeister, and Larry Loftin. The session with the women was videotaped (video).

Beulah 'Boots' Barger was hired in 1944 as a seamtress, and stayed at NACA/NASA until 1970. This short document, Seamstess at Langley - Why? is Jack Reeder's story of Boots.

Phoebe Omlie 1982 request for information on Phoebe Fairgrave Omlie by Ms. Gene Scharlau. Omlie was recognized by the Democratic National Committee, and she was enlisted to fly a female speaker around the country for Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidential campaign. After the successful campaign, Omlie was appointed by President Roosevelt as the "Special Adviser for Air Intelligence to the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics", the first female to be appointed to a federal aviation position. In this role, she acted as a "liaison between the National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics and the Bureau of Air Commerce".

[top] Workers Memorial

[Memorials_and_Monuments#Langley_Workers_Memorial|digital]] and some hard copy

Description: This memorial, conceived and designed by John Mouring, was dedicated on October 23, 1989 to honor some of the former employees who were killed in their line of work. Individual markers around the base include civil servants killed while on the job. The memorial was relocated in 2014 as part of the revitalization of the center. The new location is off the main path and provides a more reflective atmosphere.

Collection includes photos and documents. An invitation to the dedication and the dedication ceremony are on file in the Archives Collection.

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