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The NACA and later NASA were devoted to aeronautical research. Although many think of the models that were tested at this facility, there were also many full-sized aircraft. The dates for early and modern research have arbitrarily been broken down to correspond to the move from the East Area Hangars to the new West Hangar. This page represents the modern research from 1955-present. Early Flight Research will be considered as 1919 to 1954.

In 1992, Brian Nicklas with the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum compiled a listing entitled NACA/NASA Langley Research Center Aircraft Listing: 1917-1992. This comprehensive list starts with the arrival of the first aircraft, the JN-4H Jenny in 1919, and ends with the F-16XL in 1991.

Currently, model photos are with the buildings they are associated with. A search by model name should direct you to the corresponding pages.


[top] Photos

09/16/1955 Bell X-1B08/24/1956 McDonnell F-101A06/12/1957 McDonnell F2H-3 Banshee04/16/1958 F9F-2 Panther09/10/1959 F8U01/12/59 Convair T-29B10/11/1960 Curtiss Wright X-10012/15/1960 Vertol VZ-202/09/1962 Boeing Vertol CH-46C09/20/1964 Bell Helicopter 204B NASA 53006/12/1963 Douglas F3D-2 Skynight10/20/1968 P1127 KESTREL01/17/1969 LTV XC-142A NASA 52205/08/1972 Cessna 172K Skyhawk NASA 50707/24/1972 DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter08/01/1972 Bell OH-58A Kiowa NASA 54002/22/1973 American Aviation AA-1 Yankee- NASA 50102/22/1973 Cessna U-3A NASA 50507/01/74 Boeing Vertol CH-47B09/19/1974 Northrop T-38A Talon NASA 51106/01/1977 Beech 65-B80 Queen Air NASA 506XFV-12A Navy Aircraft06/01/1978 Beech T-34C NASA 51008/02/1978 Piper PA-28RT-201 Arrow NASA 51904/05/1980 Grumman OV-1B1982 Cessna 402B Businessliner NASA 503F-106 NASA 81611/15/1984 N814NA10/06/1984 Gates Lear Jet 28/29 Longhorn NASA 56602/13/1986 Schweizer SGS 1-36 Sprite NASA 502/81001/07/1989 Gulfstream III NASA 108/21/1989 Northrop F-5F Tiger II NASA 55008/31/1989 X-1511/29/1989 NASA 515 Boeing B-737-130 NASA 51510/02/1990 HL-2012/14/1992 B-5210/05/1993 F-16XL06/18/1996 NASA B-7571997 Lear Jet02/10/1998 B-20009/01/1999 Perseus B10/20/1999 Convair NC-131H

[top] Interviews and Presentations

Contributions of NASA Langley to Current Civil and Military Aircraft. 2010. Chambers, Joseph.

[top] Films

1975 Advanced Composite Vertical Fin Component for L-1011 Aircraft

[top] Documents

1956 Calibration Procedure for NACA Accelerometer

1957 Acceptance Tests for Linear Displacement

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