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[top] Timeline for NASA Property

[top] 1600

Early 1600s - (Cloverdale Plantation Site) The Cloverdale property is granted to Thomas Garnett from the Crown.

1611 – (Cloverdale Plantation Site) In the year 1611, Thomas Celey was granted land from the Crown when he came to America. [WPA Report]

1619 - (Chesterville Plantation Site) The Langer portion of the land later incorporated in the Chesterville Plantation was patented in 1619 by John Leyden.

1620 - (Moorefield Plantation Site) John Moore, the first of this family, came over to America on the ship Bona Nova in 1620.

1622 - Indian Massacre of 1622 occurs in the Colony of Virginia

1635 – (Cloverdale Plantation Site) Land first patented by Thomas Garnett in 1635, probably part of the large Wythe estate

1635 – (Cloverdale Plantation Site) Summary of the Thomas Garnett Patent – “bounding upon Dictoris Christmas, East upon the head of little Poquoson Creek, Southwest in to the woods, and due West upon George Hull his ground…” July 3, 1635

1635 – Summary of original John Moore Patent – “lying and being North upon the little Poquoson Creek, East butting upon the land of Thomas Boulding, West upon the land of Thomas Garnett, and running south into the woods toward the head of a Broad Creek...” July 3, 1635

1644 - War of 1644: last Anglo–Powhatan War

1676 – (Cloverdale Plantation Site) Thomas Wythe Sr. purchased an unknown acreage of land.

1676 – (Cloverdale Plantation Site) The Cloverdale plantation house was located on the William Moore tract, which was Wythe property, in 1676, but belonged to the Moore family, in 1735.

(Cloverdale Plantation Site) Thomas Wythe Sr. gave his daughter, Constant Wythe 50 acres upon her marriage to John Tomer, who likely built the first house on the tract.

1676 - (Chesterville Plantation Site) A large portion of this property was acquired by the Wythe family/ patented by Thomas Wythe) before 1676.

(Chesterville Plantation Site) Thomas Wythe began to purchase the land that would later become Chesterville Plantation.

1676 - Augustine Moore patent for 285 acres 19 June 1676.

1676 – New Patent (link to picture – Moorefield folder –frank farmer box 2) for Augustine Moore, son of John Moore (Patented 200A in 1635). Quote there from – “Two hundred eighty five Acres of Land lying and being in the county of Elizabeth City at the head of little Poquoson creek (now Tabb Creek) and beginning at a marked gum by a marsh side and Running thence SW butting NW on the land of Mr. Thomas Wythe 294 po. (4851 feed) to a marked Ash in a swamp being the said Wyth’s corner tree

1691 – (Chesterville Plantation Site) Thomas Wythe purchases 204 acres from Edmund Swaney which includes "Buildings, Edifices, and Houses." Property referred to as "Oares Plantation" in 1697 (see A Short History of the Properties Now Included in the West Area of Langley Research Center, NASA by the LRC Historical and Archeological Society).

1692 - (Chesterville Plantation Site) Two hundred and four acres of the property patented by Leyden were purchased in 1692 by Thomas Wythe, Burgess for Elizabeth City County and great-grand-father of George Wythe, signer of the Declaration of Independence, prominent legal educator, and “Father of American Law” - During the early Wythe ownership, the boundaries of the plantation were extended until it encompassed over 750 acres.

1694 – Will/Probate. “Old Plantation” – Thomas Wythe (I) Thomas Wythe (II) The Toomer Land was originally part of that land

1695 - Thomas Celey sold land to William Wilson on July 31, 1695  heirs of William Wilson married the Smiths, in turn who married the Vaughans; land stayed in family until 1879 [WPA Report]

[top] 1700

1704 – None, Tax Assess. (Rent Roll,) ECC John Turmer

1719 - First documentation of 50 acre Ross Site

1729 – Upon death of Thomas Wythe Jr.’s father, Thomas Wythe Sr., property (Chesterville Plantation Site) passed to Thomas Wythe Jr.

1735 - Augustine Moore bought 50 acres of land around 1735 from James Toomer – the grandson of Thomas Wythe I and the son of Constant and John Tomer – House was the Moore family home for at least thirty-five years

1735 – c. Deed: From – James Toomer*** To – Augustine Moore, son of William Moore -grandson of Thomas Wythe I and son of Constant and John Toomer

Note: Deed not found, but referenced in Augustine Moore’s will dated 24 March 1736

1737 - around 1737 – four more rooms built

1737 – Will/Prob. From – Augustine Moore, Sr. To – Augustine Moore, son of William Moore

1747 - (Cloverdale Plantation Site) Captain Augustine Moore bought the Tomer land.

1747 – (Cloverdale Plantation Site)Captain Augustine Moore’s nephew, Augustine Moore inherited the property in 1747.

1755 - In 1755, George Wythe inherited property (Chesterville Plantation Site) at the death of his brother Thomas Wythe.

1775 - Start of Revolutionary War

1779-1781 - Intense fighting in local area and Revolutionary War ends. See 1976 booklet by John L. Patterson for a brief history and Revolutionary War Public Service Claim Records For Elizabeth City County, Virginia.

1781 - George Wythe refers to his property as “Chesterville” (Chesterville Plantation Site) in a letter to Thomas Jefferson in 1781

1782 – In 1782, Augustine’s oldest son William owner of record for the tract is thought to have built the Cloverdale plantation home.

1789 - George Washington elected first president

1792 - (Chesterville Plantation Site) George Wythe sold the land to Daniel Hylton who defaulted on payment.

(Chesterville Plantation Site) George Wythe reacquired the land soon after Daniel Hylton defaulted on payment.

1795 – (Moorefield Plantation Site) Upon his father’s death, Augustine Moore, in 1795, William Moore moved to his father’s 200 acre farm; William Moore’s Brother Augustine Moore inherited the 50 acre tract.

1796 – Deed - From – Anne Moore To – William Moore

[top] 1800

1802 - (Chesterville Plantation Site) 1802 property sold to Holder Hudgins; The plantation finally passed form the hands of the Wythe family in 1802

1802 - (School Neck Plantation Site) Portion of Chesterville –bought by Houlder Hudgins in 1802

1802 - (Chesterville Plantation Site) the plantation finally passed from the hands of the Wythe family in 1802

1804 – Deed: From – William Moore To – Augustine Moore, Jr.

1809 - (School Neck Plantation Site) Syms Free School Land – bought by Houlder Hudgins in 1809

1811 – Deed: From – Augustine Moore, Jr., Est. To – James M. Vaughan

1813 - War of 1812 comes to the Chesapeake Bay; Star-Spangled Banner penned by Francis Scott Key

1816 - August 1816 James Vaughan bought the 50 acres at auction

1816 - Moore Tract bought at auction in 1816 by James Vaughan

1819 - Vaughan inherited 550 acres of land, including part of Chesterville, from Houlder Hudgins

1819 - Ross Site sold out of family and now owned by James M. Vaughan by 1819; combined with School Neck Plantation

1830 - James M. Vaughan built house on property (thought to have) at around 1830

1830 - (Cloverdale Plantation Site) James Moody Vaughan inherited Cloverdale from his father-in-law Houlder Hudgins in approximately 1830 and around 1830 built the two and one half story addition to the original colonial plantation home; The Vaughan family built, around 1830, the two and one half story addition to the original colonial plantation

1850 - Death of James Vaughan in 1850, son Robert made it his home; 1850 Vaughan, his wife, and their six children lived on the plantation, as well as their overseer John Dillard -Robert – acquired additional tracts to establish the estate that became known as Cloverdale - Deed: From – James M. Vaughan To – James M. Vaughan Est. *date of death

1851 - (Cloverdale Plantation Site) five more rooms were added

1855 – (Cloverdale Plantation Site) Deed – From – James M. Vaughan Est. To – Robert H. Vaughan

1856 - (Cloverdale Plantation Site) Vaughan died; son James Vaughan inherited the property

1859 - (School Neck Plantation Site) 1859 – Deed William R. Vaughan to William S. Smith

1860 - Nannie Belle Schmelz was born

4/12/1861 - First engagement of Civil War at Fort Sumter

1861 - War Service Information

6/10/1861 - Battle of Big Bethel

1862 - Authorization to confiscate plantations and personal property

1864 - (School Neck Plantation Site) 1864 – Survey for division between William R. and Robert H. Vaughan; less 1/6 for Robert H. Vaughan- became part of Cloverdale

1866 - (Cloverdale Plantation Site) James died in late 1866 or early 1867, without a will

1867 – Deed* From – Robert H. Vaughan To – Robert H. Vaughan Est.

  • - year of death

1871 - (School Neck Plantation Site) 1871 – Division of Smith’s land – “School Neck” to Elizabeth V. Childs (?on spelling of name)

1874 - (School Neck Plantation Site) 1874 – Deed – seventy acres of “School Neck Farm” – Childs to Richard T. Shelton

1874 – Deed From Robert H. Vaughan Est. To Francis A. Schmelz for 300 acres including the Cloverdale house and portion of Vaughan estate known as School Neck

1876 - (Cloverdale Plantation Site) February 1, 1876 – Francis A. Schmelz and Angelina his wife bought Cloverdale at public auction – deed dated February 1, 1876

1878 - April 1878 Nannie Belle Schmelz and Howard F. Collier, Sr. were married; this marriage first linking the lines between Collier and Schmelz

1878 - (Cloverdale Plantation Site) July 20, 1878 - Schmelz and his wife Angelina gave the Cloverdale tract to their daughter Nannie Collier and her husband Howard Collier: the estate “known as Cloverdale, formerly the estate of Robert H. Vaughan, deceased, containing 300 acres, more or less, and bounded by a branch of Back River, the lands of William S. Smith’s estate, known as School Neck, the lands of John F. Moore” Conveyed to Francis A. Schmelz -February 1, 1876. The deed restricts inheritance of the land to Nannie’s heirs, or else Schmelz’s heirs

1881 - (School Neck Plantation Site) 1881 – Deed – “School Neck” sold at auction to Robert K. Curtis; Robert K. Curtis and Margaret Curtis wife  deed of trust to Thomas Tabb, Trustee, 21 November 1881 School Neck 400 acre

Nannie Belle (Schmelz) + Howard F. Collier Sr. -son; Dr. Henry Lane Collier – born in Hampton, Virginia September 22, 1886 -daughter; Frannie Belle – married January 26, (1889?) to Charles Cosby Curtis

1894 - (School Neck Plantation Site) 1894 – Deed – Curtis sold “School Neck” to Thomas Tabb

1895 - (School Neck Plantation Site) 1895 – Deed – Tabb traded “School Neck” for lot in Hampton, giving Nannie B. Collier a lifetime right, then to her children

[top] 1900

1915 - NACA Formed

1916 - Government purchases what becomes the East Area of NACA

4/6/1917 - US enters WWI

12/7/1941 - US enters WWII

1942 - NACA obtained the Cloverdale tract from the Colliers; U.S. Government purchased Cloverdale from the Collier family in 1942; Collier estate became part of Langley Field in 1942 – Deed: From – Estate of Howard S. Collier To – U.S. Government

1950 - US enters Korean conflict

1950 - (Chesterville Plantation Site) Chesterville Two parcels of land including a large segment of “Chesterville” Plantation were acquired by NASA in 1950

1951 - (Chesterville Plantation Site) 426-429 acres, of the old plantation, were purchased by NASA in 1951

1955 – (Cloverdale Plantation Site) Dismantled the Cloverdale house in 1955.

1963 - John F. Kennedy shot

1965 - US enters Vietnam War

1969 - NASA puts first man on moon

1972 - (Chesterville Plantation Site) Part of this site was established as a Virginia Historic Landmark on June 29, 1972

1973 - (Chesterville Plantation Site) the same area (written above) was entered in the National Register of Historic Places on August 14, 1973

1973 - (Cloverdale Plantation Site) Instructional archaeological excavation in Fall 1973 at the site of Cloverdale Plantation – large trash pit which yield hundreds of artifacts dating from the min 17th century through the early 20th century

[top] Surveys

Since the plantation families frequently intermarried, it is often difficult to separate the properties by family name. This listing provides surveys for the entire NASA and Air Force properties.

Elizabeth City County Records Surveys and Plats Book 1

1676- Augustine Moore Patent

1804-12-18 Thomas Ross Land Survey

1805 Syms School Land Survey

1809-07-12 Chesterville Plantation Survey

1817-09-1 Heirs of Simon Holliers Land

1821-03-20 Capt. Robert Lively Land Survey

1824-01-9 Survery of Vaughan Land

1828-12 Heirs of Hudgin's Land Survey

1829-11-27 Taylor and Landrum Land Survey

1831-09-29 Collier to Whit

1831-10-14 Wm Mallory Heirs Land Survey

1834-05-9 Jones Land Elmwood

1845-07 Survey for Mary H. Winders Heirs

1854 Vaughan Land Survey

1854-03-02 Survey and Plat of Robert H. Vaughan's Land

1854-11-21 Survey for Robert and William Vaughan Land

1858- Survey for G.B. Jones and J.F. Moore

1860- Chancery Case - Massenburg & Cary v. Robt. H. Vaughn

1875-08-12 Chesterville Winder Farm Survey

1877-03-21 Survey of Moore tract for a division for Phillips

1877-03-21 Survey to Distinguish Land between Moore and Phillips

1916 Original Purchase LAFB

1916-11-11 Sherwood Survey Description

1916-12-21 Sherwood Survey Lines

1929-04-26 H.N. and A.I to USA

1941-02-26 Hampton Institute to USA

[top] Deeds

Since the plantation families frequently intermarried, it is often difficult to separate the properties by family name. This listing provides deeds for the entire NASA and Air Force properties.

1628-11-20 William Harris Grant

1628-12-2 John Leyden Patent for 100 Acres

1635-04-18 Captain Thomas Purifie

1635-07-3 Patent for Thomas Garnett

1635-1638 Land Descriptions

1638-09 Original Copies of Patents

1638-10-3 John Laydon Patent Renewal for 500 Acres

1640-11-4 Samuel Firment adjoining John Laydon

1643 Original Copies of Patents

1648-05-30 Original Copy

1648-06-1 John Howitt Patent for 204 Acres

1651-07-18 James Foster Grant adjoining John Laydon

1662 Richard Hall Patent

1663 Warwick Country Records

1665 - 1676 Inquisitions on Escheated Land

1670-11-23 Lease Agreement Ranson to Savoy

1676 Augustine Moore's Patent Confirmation for Little Creek Poquoson Land

1676-06-19 Augustine Moore Patent Confirmation

1680-1699 Ranson References

1684-04-26 Gutherick Land Patent

1691-03-18 Mallory Deed

1691-03-28 Abstract to Swaney's Deed to Wythe

1691-03-28 Swaney to Wythe (original)

1691-03-28 Swaney to Wythe (transcribed)

1695-11-19 Deed of Gift Wythe to Mallory

1706-05-2 William Mallory Patent Confirmation

1740-03-4 Deed Francis to Wythe

1742-09-15 Francis Mallory deed to brother Wm Mallory

1744-05-15 Wythe to Sweney

1745-08-20 Henry Wythe Deed

1751 to 1883 Elizabeth City Parish Vestry Book

1767-05-28 Mallory to Allen Deed

1770-03-8 Virginia Gazette

1791-07-2 Deed Cutillo to Kerby

1798-05-23 Deed Kerby's Heirs to Wm Hylton

1798-05-23 Wm Hylton from Kirby's heirs Deed

1800-12-23 Petition to the General Assembly

1801-06-15 750 Acres to Wythe from Court

1801-07-23 Chesterville Deed

1802-01-28 Deed Wythe to Wallace

1802-12-6 Wythe to Hudgins (original)

1802-12-06 - Wythe to Hudgins (transcribed)

1808-06-26 Hudgins to Haller (original)

1808-06-26 Hudgins to Haller (transcribed)

1815 Historical Land Data on Land Owned by Holder Hudgins Sr and Jr

1829-01-1 Parsons to Vaughan

1832-12-20 Cary to Whiting Deed Summary

1834 - 1934 General Index to Deeds Elizabeth City Co

1845-01-13 Gayle to Vaughan Deed

1847-01-1 Haller to Winder Deed

1847-11-18 L.Y. Winder to J.H. Winder Deed

1859-1950 Deeds Relating to School Neck, Cloverdale, and Moorefield properties

~1860 School Neck land Confirmation

1875-08-12 Survey for Chesterville conducted for Schmelz

1875-09-20 Schemlz deed buying 400 acres of Chesterville

1876-01-22 87 Acres of Moorefield bought by Schmelz

1878-03-13 Part of School Neck

1878-07-20 Chesterville Exchange between Hudgins and Schmelz

1878-07-20 Deed Schemlz to Hudgins

1922-01-12 Chesterville

[top] Wills

Since the plantation families frequently intermarried, it is often difficult to separate the properties by family name. This listing provides wills for the entire NASA and Air Force properties.

1690-04-21 Admr of Estate of Gutherick Granted to Widow

1690-08-11 John Smith's Last Will

1693-12-18 William Smith

1736-03-24 Will of Augustine Moore

1737-03-24 Original Copy of Augustine Moore Will

1737-05-18 Showing of Augustine Moore's Will

1739-03-14 Will of Ann Wallace

1740-02-18 Probate of Will of Ann Wallace

1744-07-18 Original Copy of Mallory Will

1893-11-23 - Will of Elizabeth V. Chiles

[top] Land Tax Records

Elizabeth City County Land Tax Records

English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records

Property Matrices Based on Elizabeth City Tax Records

Tax Rate Comparisons of Cloverdale, Chesterville and Moorefield

Tracing Land Ownership of 100 Acres

1775-1776 List of Wheel Carriages in Elizabeth City

1787 Property Tax List of Elizabeth City County

1796-1821 Mutual Insurance Society

1801 Elizabeth City County Tax List

1814 Tax List

1815-1850 Land Tax Records

1815 Historical Land Data on Hudgins Land

1841 and Earlier Tax Rates Assessments West Area

1851-1872 Tax Records

1974 Additional Information on ECC Tax Records

Comparison of Tax Rates Collier Construction Period

[top] Documents

As was common during the early years of our country's history, families frequently intermarried. This often makes is difficult to assign data to one particular plantation site. The following list of documents either pertains to the related families or the general area.

excerpts from The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; 1600-1700, John Camden Hotten, 1874

Descriptions of Land Patents 1635-1638

excerpts from Inquisitions on Escheated Land; 1665-1676, from The Virginia Genealogist, Vol 19-2, pg 128; Vol 19-3, pg 182; Vol 20-1, pg 24

1775 Committee Members for Elizabeth City County and Town of Hampton transcribed by Frank Farmer from the William and Mary Quarterly, Series 1, Vol 5, Page 253

1806-1812 Baptisms by Rev. S. Symms Christ Church, Norfolk transcribed by Frank Farmer

1840 Census transcribed by Frank Farmer

1850 Census transcribed by Frank Farmer

excerpts from Reports of The Rebellion, copied by Jesse L. Sinclair, 1927

1800-1880 List of Elizabeth City County Survey Records

Brief Notes on People, Frank Farmer

Sir George Yeardley Governor and Captain-General of Virginia, and Temperance, Lady Yeardley, and Some of Their Descendants, from Frank Farmer files a Elizabeth City County; A Guide to the Counties of Virginia from The Virginia Genealogist, ~1945, from Frank Farmer files

Frank Farmer's Misc. Notes on People and Places

Deeds Search from 1859-1950 Relating to transfer of the School Neck, Cloverdale, and Moorefield properties to NACA

[top] For Students and Teachers

Education Modules

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