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[top] History

The approximately 50 acres which made up the Ross property were originally patented by Dictoris Christmas. It is unknown when the property was first acquired by the Ross family, but it may have been as early as the 1690s. Documentation of ownership of the property is highly incomplete, but the earliest positive mention of Ross ownership of 50 acres of land is in 1719. The property seems to have stayed in the hands of various Ross family members until around 1819, when it seems to have been sold to James Vaughan and combined with the former School Land.

Over 8,000 archaeological artifacts associated with the Ross ownership and prehistoric materials were recovered in 1993 during an archaeological survey conducted as part of a construction project in 1993. This was once a subsistence farm surrounded by large plantations. The site was at that time "considered to be significant and eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places."

The Ross family were subsistence farmers, making a living farming their tract but remaining relatively poor. Artifacts and structural remains identified in 1993 indicate a very simple lifestyle, with inexpensive locally-made goods and a small dwelling. Ceramic kitchen artifacts helped date the site to 1720-1745.

See the Plantations Timeline.

[top] Photos

Photos are from excavation work completed in 1993.

Excavation at the Ross SiteJerome TraverJerome Traver holds a piece of ceramic made by the "Poor Potter of Yorktown"L-93-6910.jpgTraver and ceramic pieceWyatt Vroom working sifterWyatt Vroom, John Mouring, and Jerome Traver (l-r)

[top] Documents

For family records, see Ross in Associate Families

Historical Overview of the Ross Site. Patterson, John. 1992.

Tax Records from 1782 - 1818

1992 Management Summary of Phase I Survey

1992 Frank Farmer Letter to VDHR

1992 MAAR Testing Logs

1992 VDHR Letter to John Mouring

1992 MAAR Artifact Distributions

1992 Maps of OSD Site

1992 Frank Farmer Notes

1992 Maps of OSD Site

1993 Daily Press Article on Ross Site

1993 Langley Researcher News Article on Ross Site

1993 Phase I Survey of the Ross Site

1993 COLTS Site Shovel Test

1993 Phase II Survey of the Ross Site

1994 Ross Site Excavation Record Forms

1993 Karell Survey of COLTS

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