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Dr. Katzoff came to NACA after finishing his degree at Johns Hopkins in chemical engineering. It was March 1936 and the country was in the Great Depression. When asked what is like coming to NACA, he responded, "Jobs were hard to get. I was assigned to aerodynamics and had no training, but I was a smart kid." He went on to explain that groups of new employees, mostly engineers just out of college, started together and most were assigned to the lab at Full Scale. Following retirement in 1974 as chief scientist, Dr. Sam tutored children and wrote teaching manuals. Sam Katzoff, who spent more than three decades years at NASA Langley, and whose book "Clarity in Technical Writing" is still regarded as gospel by those at the center who write reports, died September 25th, 2010 at a retirement community in Pikesville, Md. He was 101.


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