Test 175: McDonnell TAC Model

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Following tests of the British Swallow bomber, variable-sweep wing configuration (see Test 159) with an outboard wing sweep pivot location, an extensive variable-sweep wing research program was initiated by USAF (Tactical Air Command)/Industry/NASA teams to investigate variable-sweep wing fighters (See Tests 168, 172, 174, 175, and 179). Configurations that utilized outboard wing pivot locations were studied in an effort to minimize the longitudinal stability problems associated with the shift in airplane aerodynamic center location as the wings were swept aft. The test models were generally referred to as "TAC" (Tactical AirCraft) models and were tested in multiple facilities at Langley; this is in contrast to company nomenclature that referred to many of them as TFX (Tactical Fighter, Experimental) configurations. This successful research program eventually led to the USAF F-111 and US Navy F-14 configurations.

Test 175 was conducted on a MacDonnell (sic) TAC Model during 2/7/1961 to 2/14/1961. A model with the same name was tested during two Test 172 tunnel entries; it is not know why this test was given a different test number.

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