Test 2: 1942 - Douglas XSB2D-1 (BTD) Destroyer with Wright R-3350-14 Cyclone Engine

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The tunnel log for the years 1941 to 1949 is missing (if it ever existed). Bobby Berrier attempted to reconstruct the test log for those years by using photo numbers and other documents. By his reconstruction, the following photos were taken for Test 2 which occurred around Aug./Sept. 1942. This test was on a full-scale Douglas XSB2D-1 engine/nacelle/truncated wing model. The Navy aircraft designation stands for: X - Experimental, S - Scout, B - Bomber, 2 - 2nd SB model accepted by navy from the aircraft manufacturer, D - Aircraft manufacturer = Douglas, and 1 - Version 1. The full-scale engine was the Wright R-3350-14 Duplex-Cyclone supercharged, air cooled, 18-cylinder radial engine. The XSB2D-1 was a prototype of a new large, single-engine, gull-wing, two-seat torpedo/dive bomber for the US Navy intended to replace both the Douglas SBD Dauntless and the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver. It's first flight was April 8, 1943. The US Navy changed the requirements to a single-seat aircraft without defensive gun turrets. Douglas would rework the XSB2D-1 by removing the second seat and gun turrets while adding more fuel and armor. This configuration would become the Douglas BTD-1 Destroyer.

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1942-08-27 Crack in XSB2D-11942-08-27 Crack in XSB2D-11942-09-02 Exhaust Stack Failure1942-09-05 Exhaust Stacks1942-09-05 Exhaust Stacks1942-09-05 Exhaust StacksLMAL 29451 Douglas XSB2D-1 (BTD) Destroyer Sept 1942LMAL 29452 1942-Douglas XSB2D-1LMAL 29453 1942-Douglas XSB2D-1Wright Aero Lab WA-11507 1942-Douglas XSB2D-1Wright Aero Lab WA-11508 1942-Douglas XSB2D-1Wright Aero Lab WA-11509 1942-Douglas XSB2D-1Wright Aero Lab WA-11510 1942-Douglas XSB2D-11942-09-05 Hinge Repair Test Section Cover1942-09-08 N.A.C. Carbon Elbow Carbon Ducts1942-09-08 N.A.C. Carbon Elbow1942-09-08 N.A.C. Carbon Elbow Carbon Ducts1942-09-08 Douglas Elbow1942-09-08 Douglas Elbow1942-09-08 Douglas Elbow1942-09-08 Douglas ElbowLMAL 29581 Douglas XSB2D-1 DestroyerLMAL 29582 1942-XSB2D-1LMAL 29592 1942-XSB2D-1LMAL 29581 Douglas XSB2D-1 DestroyerLMAL 29644 1942-XSB2D-1LMAL 29645 Douglas XSB2D-1 Destroyer InstumentationLMAL 29646 1942-XSB2D-1 Test EquipLMAL 29647 1942-XSB2D-1 Test EquipLMAL 29648 1942-XSB2D-11942-09-25 XS2D1 Model1942-09-25 XS2D1 Model1942-09-25 XS2D1 Model1942-09-26 EngineLMAL 29676 Douglas XSB2D-1 Destroyer1942-09-30 Individual Exaust Stacks1942-09-30 Individual Exhaust Stacks1942-09-30 Individual Exhaust Stacks1942-09-30 Individual Exhaust Stacks
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