Test 33: 1947 - Curtiss Sweptback Propeller

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The tunnel log for the years 1941 to 1949 is missing (if it ever existed). Bobby Berrier attempted to reconstruct the test log for those years by using photo numbers and other documents. By his reconstruction, the following photos were taken for Test 33 conducted in July and August of 1947. The test conducted performance tests on Curtiss sweptback propellers. Note the vertical wake survey rake visible in some of the photos. As aircraft speeds increased, the propeller tip started becoming supersonic and propeller shock and separation performance losses started occurring. Hoping to gain similar benefits realized by the swept wing at supersonic speeds, sweptback propellers were investigated. A straight propeller was tested for as a baseline performance reference.

1947-16th General Inspection1947-07-10 Propeller Dynamometer1947-07-10 Propeller Dynamometer1947-07-10 Propeller Dynamometer1947-07-11 Curtiss Sweptback Prop BladeLMAL 53832 Curtiss Sweptback Propeller, 1947LMAL 53833 Curtiss Swept Back Propeller with Wake Survey Probe1947-08-06 Dynamometer in 16' WT with Curtiss 109490 Blades1947-10-08 Revised Flexplate Support for 16' H.S.T. 2000 H.P. Dynamometer
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