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[top] Videos

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Over 1,300 videos converted from 16mm, VHS, and other formats. Topics include test sequences, interviews, lectures, and public affairs productions.

[top] Lectures

Collection of audio only files dating from the 1970s and videos from later dates. Files have not been transcribed.

Many of the lectures given prior to video cameras were captured in reel-to-reel tapes. These are being converted to digital format to preserve these presentations in the researchers own voices. They are now available in mp3 format.

Later lectures which were video-taped are available at the Lectures and Presentations Playlist.

[top] Oral Histories and Interviews

This collection represents interviews conducted prior to video taped sessions. As we are notified of the passing of a NASA Langley retiree, any interview material is moved to the Langley Legacies webpage. If you are looking for a particular individual, be sure to check there as well.

The collection of Interviews conducted between 1966-1968 consists of transcripts only. Links will open a text file in Adobe .pdf format.

In later years (1971-1993), interviews were conducted by Sarah Corneliussen and recorded cassette tapes. In 2015, we started converting these to electronic format (mpg) as time permits. The interviews appear to be conducted in the person's office or at events as there is often significant background noise. They were also saved back-to-back and so it is sometimes difficult to decide where the breaks are and who is being recorded. Some tapes have deteriorated due to age and can not be salvaged.

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