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Center: Langley Research Center
Location: Hampton, Virginia
Year Built: 1978
Historic Eligibility:
Important Tests:

Back Arrow.jpg Modern Flight Research

The Rockwell XFV-12 was a prototype supersonic United States Navy fighter which was built in 1977. In 1972, the Navy issued a request for proposals for a next generation supersonic V/STOL fighter/attack aircraft. The XFV-12A was selected for development. Free-flight model tests conducted at the NASA Langley Full-Scale Wind Tunnel showed the projected thrust augmentation levels were highly optimistic, and that the aircraft would most likely be incapable of vertical flight on the thrust available. However, the model's configuration did prove suited for conventional flight.

The following tests were conducted at LaRC:

Building 643, Test 355 - Force Tests Cruise Flight

Building 645

Building 644

In June 1978, these photos were taken at the Gantry when a group of Navy Admirals visited.

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